It only takes 10 minutes to train your entire core with this equipment-free workout

Improve your core strength and define your abs with this short routine

Woman trains her abs on a yoga mat
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Some ab workouts only focus on the more superficial muscles in your midsection and fail to train the other important muscles that make up your core. Fortunately, you can tone and strengthen your entire core with this 10-minute no repeats core workout.

Core strengthening exercises allow the muscles in your pelvis, hips, lower back, and abdomen to work better together, and this leads to improved balance and stability in everyday life and while playing sports or working out. Just like with many of the best workouts for abs, you won't need any equipment for this core routine below. However, it's a floor-based workout so your back might thank you for placing one of the best yoga mats beneath you.

Once you've got something nice and padded to work out on, you're ready to tackle Fitbymik's 15-minute complete core session. The workout is structured around intervals of 45 seconds on an exercise and 15 seconds of rest. There are no repeats so you needn't worry about getting bored halfway through.

Fitbymik also provides modifications for each exercise, so if you do find any exercise particularly hard you don't need to give up or suffer through it, you can simply opt for the slightly easier version and continue to train your core.

Watch Fitbymik's 15-Minute Complete Core Workout

The terms abs and core are often spoken about interchangeably but there are key differences between the two. The 'six-pack' ab muscles that people very often strive to achieve for aesthetic reasons are formally known as the rectus abdominis. The ab muscles form a part of your core, which is the area of muscles that help to support and stabilize your spine.

Not only can strengthening this central area of the body help enhance your workout performance, improve posture, support your balance and lower your risk of suffering from lower back pain, but it will also help to define all angles of your core.

Fitbymik's routine can be added to the end of one of your regular workouts or you can use it on its own for a quick ab and core blast when you're tight on time. 

If you're feeling like you want to push yourself and refine your core muscle strength and definition, you should consider using one of the best ab rollers. This simple training tool will have you stretching and contracting your abs using a full range of motion and, putting your whole core to the test. It also engages the muscle in your triceps, lats, and shoulders.

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