Looking to burn fat over January? Try Chris Hemsworth’s no-kit full-body workout

Stop worrying about having the right equipment to work out with and follow Chris Hemsworth's simple bodyweight workout

Liam Hemsworth looks in great shape as he goes for a surf
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If Chris Hemsworth's movie roles say anything about his fitness, it is that the man consistently puts in hard work to maintain an impressive physique. His character as Thor says it all. 

Off-screen, Hemsworth can be seen sharing frequent updates on his fitness via his Instagram. He often shares videos of him in his garden using small equipment like dumbbells (you can buy yourself a pair of best adjustable dumbbells that you can use easily at home) or a best kettlebell.

But more recently the actor shared a video of himself completing circuit training and the workout requires no equipment at all. Using ten moves the workout is performed at a fairly high intensity, perfect for raising your heart rate and burning lots of calories.

This workout will also be ideal for those who haven't returned to the gym yet this year but are keen to either improve their fitness levels or crank their body back into gear by combining a bit of cardio and bodyweight exercise to their routines.

Hemsworth works through all the exercises with you in the video so all you need to do is follow him and grab some water to keep yourself hydrated - how about investing in a new best water bottle for the gym this year?


The routine involves a lot of functional exercises such as jump variations and pushups. He performs each move for 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest in between. You should try to complete the whole circuit twice leaving one minute in between for rest.

Luke Zocchi, the trainer who preps Hemsworth for his movie roles, previously told HYPEBEAST in an interview that the pair focus on functional training the most. This is because Hemsworth enjoys staying active with sports like surfing, but this can be made harder when he is super bulky. 

Workouts like the one above are great for improving functional strength that allows you to have a more holistic approach to fitness. You can give this workout a go using the list of exercises below.


  • Bear crawl x 40 secs
  • Switches x 40 secs
  • Tricep push-up x 40 secs
  • Flutter kicks x 40 secs
  • Prisoner squat x 40 secs
  •  Mountain climbers to elbow x 40 secs
  • Burpees x 40 secs
  • Butterfly sit-ups x 40 secs
  • Sit throughs x 40 secs
  • Plank jack push-up x 40 secs

Hemsworth recently applied his holistic approach to health and fitness to a new workout app called Centr that focuses on three key areas: working out, diet and mindfulness.

You do have to pay to access the app, however. If you are looking for free workout inspo, check out our guide to the best exercises for weight loss. Or how about having a crack at a 10k training plan this month?

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