Mental Health: Why lockdown is especially hard for some women over 40

Lockdown anxiety is tough on everyone, but extremely hard on the mental health of some women over 40

Menopause anxiety
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Lockdown is especially hard on our mental health. When we're unable to see friends and relatives in person on a regular basis, it can be a real strain and a trigger for anxiety and depression. In some cases, people are unable to work, adding financial pressures onto the already-potent cocktail of mental health triggers.

This can be especially hard for some women over 40, as one new survey revealed. 

The survey, conducted by wellness brand CBII, interviewed 2000 women over 40 who were experiencing menopause. The menopause can bring on anxiety, which creates symptoms such as constant worrying, disturbed sleep and a physical release of adrenaline.

According to the survey, an enormous 73% of participants found that life in lockdown was making these symptoms of anxiety worse. A further 45% of participants found anxiety was disturbing their sleep.

Experiencing anxiety during, after and even about menopause is quite common in a lot of women. As women enter the perimenopause, the production of oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone hormones starts to change, eventually declining. This can cause a number of changes in the body, but our hormone levels don't just affect our physical health: changes in the body also affect our mental health too. 

Best menopause supplements

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This can be a difficult time for many women. However, according to the CBII study, 86% of respondents haven’t even discussed menopause in general, never mind symptoms of anxiety, with their GP. 

The UK's NHS website suggests practices like yoga, Tai Chi and meditation to help alleviate anxious feelings. Alternatively, CBD has shown promise as a treatment for anxiety, although as it is a new practice, scientific studies remain inconclusive.

We've got plenty of menopause resources here on Fit&Well to help you navigate this difficult time. You can find help with menopause and anxiety, and some of the best menopause supplements to treat it. You can find even more information below:

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