Peloton just made an exciting - and unexpected - announcement

Another exciting development from Peloton to keep their exercise bike rides exciting and challenging

How to use an exercise bike: some bikes, like Peloton, have built-in screens
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If you're a Peloton advocate then you'll love the news that they are moving into the video games market.

The makers of the famed Peloton Bike - which is a firm favorite on our list of best exercise bikes - have revealed they will be releasing an in-app video game currently called Lanebreak.

Confirming the news to CNBC , the firm revealed that the music-based game will be a mix between a traditional video game model and their current classes, where participants will change their cadence and resistance levels in order to meet goals and get rewards. 

It's great news for gaming fans, but the announcement is a big side step for the fitness company, which has so far concentrated on developing their live and on-demand classes via the app for their at-home Peloton bikes and treads. 

The game will see players trying to control an on-screen rolling wheel while they cycle - having to change their cadence and resistance to keep it on track. To make things even more exciting, different music options and levels will also be available to for players choose from.

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If you're already a Peloton user, then you could be one of the first to try out the new in-app game. According to the US-based fitness company, there will be a member-only beta trial for a selection of users later this year, while its official launch for all subscribers will start in 2022. 

Not already part of the Peloton pack? You can get their award-winning bike delivered to your door on a 30-day trial in as little as two weeks. And with their current Summer class pass offer, you can get Peloton Digital Membership for just $12.99 / £12.99 a month for three months.

This hasn't been the company's only potential sidestep into unknown territory, as last month news was leaked that they could be breaking into the wearable market with an arm-worn heart rate monitor.

Those rumors haven't been officially confirmed by the brand as yet, but they did buy out a fitness wearables company called Atlas Wearables last year, who are known for making heart rate tracking devices.

The company currently sells a $49 chest heart rate monitor, but this new heart rate armband is said to go further - tracking how intense the user's workout is and also featuring a small screen on it.

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