Strengthen your abs in just 12 minutes using these four moves

You don't need any equipment for this short routine, which can help you build a stronger core

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What if we told you that you could strengthen your abs in less than 15 minutes? No, really. There's no equipment required in this short routine and it features just four moves.

If you have one of the best yoga mats to hand, it can help keep things comfortable while you're exercising on the ground, but it's not essential for this core-strengthening sequence from certified personal trainer Oyinda Okunowo

You'll do each of the four exercises in the routine for 30 seconds. Okunowo doesn't specify rest times for this workout, but a common format is 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest. 

If this doesn't work for you, feel free to adjust time on either end to find the best option. She demonstrates each move in the video below. Take time to watch this and practice your technique before you start.

Watch Oyinda Fitness's four-move abs workout


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You'll notice that we've used the terms abs and core to describe the area this workout targets — but there is a difference between abs and core training

Your abdominals, which include the rectus abdominis six-pack ab muscles, form one part of your core. So, while developing your abs will help develop your core, a dedicated workout with core strengthening exercises will cover all areas of your midsection. 

Doing some core strengthening exercises can help improve stability and balance. A strong core will also help support your overall fitness and performance since the core connects your upper and lower body, so if you have a sport you want to get better at, chances are training your core will help you get there.

When doing abs specific exercises, it's important to remember that you probably won't be able to actually see your abs developing. This is because you need incredibly low levels of body fat to have visible abs; something that isn't necessarily healthy for most people. 

If you are specifically trying to burn fat, have a go at some high intensity workouts like this HIIT workout for fat loss. Combine this with a lower-calorie diet and you should start to lose weight (and fat) from your body. 

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