Suffer from back pain? Try this five-minute stretching routine

Some simple stretching can help relieve tension in your back, even as little as these three moves

Woman stretches out her back on a mat on the floor
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We have all felt an annoying niggle or pain in our lower back at some point or other. Whether that's from sitting at a desk all day, slumping on the couch, or it's been brought on by some form of physical activity, a sore back can be a real inconvenience to your day-to-day. This is where these simple stretches that take just five minutes could come in handy.

With this being such a short routine you can pretty much complete these stretches at any point in your day. As long as you have a supportive surface beneath you, such as one of the best yoga mats laid out on the floor, and space to fully stretch out then you are good to give this a go.

This stretching sequence was shared by Jessica Valant, a certified Pilates teacher and a licensed physical therapist with over 20 years of experience. The three moves are there to help relieve tension from the lower back, help improve posture, and increase mobility in your spine.

Valant's video shows her demonstrating each movement and she provides in-depth audio cues explaining exactly how to move into the positions as well as offering breathwork tips. As it's low impact and just a five minute bout of stretching you don't need to prep for it but dressing comfy won't hurt, like getting into some of the best workout clothes for women or the best workout clothes for men.

Watch Jessica Vallant's Lower-back Five-Minute Stretching Routine

Finding natural back pain remedies like the stretching sequence above can be really beneficial and avoids you having to rely on taking painkillers whenever you feel discomfort in your back. Fans of Valant's Pilates-based YouTube channel expressed their gratitude for this short and simple home stretching routine. 

One person commented to say, "My back has been hurting all day, this was perfect!", and another said, "This was nice and gentle and a great way to wake my stiff back up for the day ahead."

Yoga is another great way to help ease back pain but if you aren't a huge fan of the activity for whatever reason, research published in the National Library of Medicine found stretching is equally effective at reducing lower back pain with results lasting for months after.

Your back might not be the only place you feel unwanted tension in. Much like the stretching routine shared above there's also plenty of effective hip stretches to undo the effects of too much sitting down.

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