This 15-minute abs workout builds core strength, and there's not a sit-up in sight

Boost your balance and improve your core stability with these six equipment-free bodyweight moves

Personal trainer Rachael Sacerdoti leading a core workout on a yoga mat in her living room
(Image credit: Rachael Sacerdoti / ItsSoSimple_RS)

It's easy to be tempted by expensive fitness gear like the best treadmills and exercise bikes, but the reality is you can enjoy an effective workout with no equipment at all. 

This accessible abs session from personal trainer Rachael Sacerdoti combines six bodyweight moves into a circuit designed to spike your heart rate and strengthen your core. "It’s the perfect workout for a toned and stable body," Sacerdoti told Fit&Well.

"Focusing on your core muscles, it's not only brilliant for building your abs, but also enhances balance and stability while improving your posture and increasing your overall performance."

To try the workout, complete each exercise back to back for the number of repetitions listed in the video below. Repeat the exercises three times through for a time-efficient 15-minute core session. 

Watch Rachael Sacerdoti's core workout

To help you get the most out of this workout, we asked Sacerdoti for her top tips, and one piece of advice stood above all others: "Form is everything." 

"Like most exercises, to reap the benefits and see real rewards you have to perfect the move and ensure your form is on point," she explains. 

"It is better to do fewer reps with better form when starting out as you are less likely to injure yourself. If you feel any pain or discomfort in your lower back, reassess your form and listen to your body, don’t force things."

While many people target their core to develop visible abs, there are a lot more benefit to working your mid-body core muscle. As Sacerdoti explains, the benefits of a strong midriff go much deeper than aesthetics alone.  

"The core is key for stability, posture and balance," she says. "Strengthening your core muscles allows for better hip and pelvis mobility, helps to reduce back pain and makes you less prone to injuries and strain."

Personal trainer Rachael Sacerdoti completing a core workout on a yoga mat by a swimming pool

(Image credit: Rachael Sacerdoti / @itssosimple_rs)

If you want to add this workout into your weekly routine, you can use it as a standalone session to add some extra movement into your day.

Or, as it's so short, Sacerdoti suggests tagging it on the end of a longer resistance training session (like this six-move full-body workout) for an abs-focused finisher.

"Resistance training is great for metabolic health and building lean muscle mass, and this workout perfectly complements that," says Sacerdoti.

"Any quality movement throughout the day is good, so if this workout is all you can fit in, that is fine too. Incorporating a balanced and nutritious diet will also add to your core strength."

Harry Bullmore
Fitness Writer

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