This bodyweight workout takes just 30 minutes to rev your metabolism

No kit? No problem. This bodyweight workout can be done in a small amount of space, no equipment required

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Looking for a new workout to see in the week, but short on time and equipment? No problem. We've got you covered with this dynamic workout from Kate Rowe-Ham (who also happens to be one of this year's Fit&Well award nominees).

Performed in Kate's kitchen, all you need is one of the best yoga mats and 30 minutes of your time. Kate takes you through how to do a push up, ab walkouts, lunges and more in this dynamic HIIT session. Check out the video in full below:

See the full weight loss workout here:

Why do this workout?

Not only does Kate's dynamic bodyweight workout burn a lot of calories and offer a cardiovascular benefit, it helps you build muscle tone, which is great for anyone looking for a long-term weight loss strategy. Building up muscle alters your body's fat-to-muscle ratio, which is known as your body composition. 

A study published by Maastricht University found if people's body composition trended towards more muscle and less fat, their basal metabolic rate improved. Somebody's "basal metabolic rate" is a measure of how many calories their body uses to function at rest, which means the study participants' bodies with more muscle used more oxygen day-to-day, which means they burned more calories at rest. 

To improve your metabolism, you need to lose fat and add muscle at the same time, which this workout can offer you. If you want to increase your resistance training, you can add some of the best resistance bands or best adjustable dumbbells


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