This new study shows menopause symptoms could be affecting you at work

Don't suffer in silence – your menopause symptoms could be impacting more than you realise

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Are menopause symptoms affecting your day-to-day life? If so, you're not alone: a new report has found in the UK, nearly two-thirds of women (62%) who experienced menopause symptoms said that this has impacted them at work. For 18 to 44 year olds, that number rises to four in five, or 79%. 

The research, conducted by analysts from Opinium and published by telecoms company Vodafone, also found a third (33%) of those who had symptoms said they hid this at work, and 50% felt there is stigma around talking about the menopause. 

Menopause is something that happens to every woman, and the age in which it occurs and the strength of the symptoms varies from person to person. The average age the menopause occurs in women is 51, but it generally occurs after the age of 45, according to the UK NHS

Menopause support at work

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Some symptoms can include increased feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, hot flushes, dryness, menopausal weight gain, excess sweating, and a decline in collagen, which can cause wrinkles and sagging skin.

As mentioned above, the intensity and variation of these symptoms varies from person to person. Everyone experiences the menopause differently – but all women experience it, so it's time we busted the stigma around it.

The study found two-thirds of respondents believe there should be more workplace support in place to help women during this time in their lives. This could include mental health support, flexible working, sick leave or other initiatives.

In the meantime, you can safeguard your own health with our best menopause supplements and the best vitamins for women over 50. Because menopause symptoms can vary so wildly, different supplements are needed to counteract them. Meanwhile, top vitamins can keep you fighting fit, healthy and active during this tough time, as can the best supplements for joints.

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