Try this 20-minute no jumping workout if you have low energy but still want to exercise

Get your body moving and heart rate up with this short, no-jumping routine shared by MadFit

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There are some days when working out feels like a chore. While sometimes it's better to recognize this and give yourself a break, you might still want to complete some form of movement. This is where a short, easy workout requiring no equipment will come in handy. This 20-minute, low-impact routine is perfect for getting movement into a day when even getting out of bed feels like a struggle.

Lacing up a pair of your best workout shoes is half the battle on days where you are lacking energy. Once you are dressed and prepared to exercise, you have moved past the procrastination stage, and are ready to complete a quick cardio circuit.

Enter Maddie Lymburner, a.k.a the person behind the extremely popular MadFit YouTube and IG channels. This recent full-body workout only takes 20 minutes of your time, but the big appeal of this routine is that it's a nice blend of movements to get your heart rate up helping your body to burn fat. 

However, it's all low-impact so the intensity isn't too demanding. There's no jumping required, making it apartment-friendly and perfect for low-energy days, and it requires no equipment.

Work for 45 seconds on each exercise, and take 15 seconds rest in between. Of course, if you do complete it and find it's given your body a nice little boost of energy then you can always repeat this circuit as many times as you can.


A lower-impact workout is a great way to ease yourself into exercise if you have been lying around all day and feel a bit groggy. Alternatively, it's also a good form of workout for any beginners to fitness or anyone returning to physical activity after having a break from it.

One Instagram user left a comment on MadFit's workout saying, "Did this 4x last week and I’m two months postpartum and it was perfect!", meanwhile another said, "These beginner friendly workouts are great alternatives for when you're struggling with period cramps and low energy in general."

For extra comfort and support when performing this routine it's worthwhile placing one of the best yoga mats beneath you to further reduce impact as you exercise. You can find a list of each movement included in the workout below.


  1. March in place
  2. Side reach
  3. Squats
  4. Rise with floor touch
  5. Glute bridges
  6. Up and overs

If you do feel up for more of a challenge and have warmed up with a round of the workout above, why not add in some of the best kettlebells to a second circuit? This will help to tone and strengthen your muscles as you move.

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