Use this 10-minute, equipment-free abs workout to build a stronger core

These four moves will fire up your all-important abs muscles

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Workouts with fancy equipment are fun and exciting, but sometimes it’s great to take things back to basics: 10 minutes, no equipment, and a bottle of water nearby.

And that’s all you need for this workout from Michael Addo (one-half of training duo Mr and Mrs Muscle). He's put together a purely bodyweight workout that will target the abs muscles and can be done in 10 minutes. 

If you have a yoga mat handy grab that for some extra comfort and you’re ready to go. 

Watch Mr and Mrs Muscle’s abs workout

There are just four movements to complete in this workout. Do each one for 30 seconds and repeat the routine three to four times. 

Most of the movements have simpler, lower-impact modifications demonstrated by Addo in his post, so if you’re new to abs-focused workouts you can adapt the routine to suit your abilities. 

Benefits of abs workouts

The abs muscles (or rectus abdominis) are part of your core, the muscles that make up your midsection. This set of muscles connects your upper and lower body and is used in most of your everyday movements. They also support your spine, so strengthening them could alleviate backache and support a more upright posture.

This routine will hit your rectus abdominis (the ones responsible for the six-pack shape, running up the front of your stomach) but moves like the low plank roll to spider will also target the obliques that run up the side of your abdomen. 

If you want more mid-body workout ideas you’ll find some great exercises in our helpful guide to core-strengthening exercises

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