Want a better butt? This 15-minute HIIT workout will do the trick

This 15-minute HIIT workout will work your whole body, but pays particular attention to your legs, glutes and abs

Man and woman doing a 15-minute HIIT workout
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With the Omicron variant on the rise, some of us are starting to forgo the gym yet again. However, we all know the drill by now: just because we're at home, it doesn't mean we have to stop working out. 

This is a full-body HIIT workout that needs no kit at all: just some of the best workout clothes for men or best workout clothes for women (which you can pick up in our aforementioned guides) that will keep you comfortable and supported. The routine comes from Jess Wilcox-Chandley, an instructor at boutique South Kensington studio RetroFit London

This is a 15-minute HIIT-focused routine which will tone your whole body, from arms to abs, but places particular emphasis on your core, legs and glutes. This short-but-sweaty workout blitz will tone your abdominal muscles and your entire "posterior chain" with moves such as jumping lunges, plyometric tuck jumps and the "frog walk" which will get your thighs burning. This is the better-butt workout you've been waiting for. 

Check out the video below, and keep scrolling for our breakdown list of all the moves used:

Watch: Jess' full-body 15-minute workout here

The workout, step by step:

Below, we've listed the moves Jess uses in the video above, so you can follow along easily at home. 

Warm up

  • Plank up and downs, x10 on each side. Start in the press-up position and lower your elbow on one side, then the other, going down and then up. When the reps are completed, do them again with the other arm leading. 
  • Bridged hamstring step-outs, x10 each side. Complete a glute bridge, thrusting your hips upwards while lying down, and step out with one leg as in the video above. Once complete, repeat the same on the other leg. 
  • Frog walks, x4 laps of your training space (or x8 laps if it's a small room). Crouch with your spine straight and your head looking straight in front of you, making sure you're walking heel to toe. 
  • Abdominal twists, x20. 
  • Squat to calf raise, x16. 
  • Side lunges, x8 each leg. 

The main event

  • Push-up to shoulder taps, 45 seconds. You could do incline push-ups or knee push-ups if you struggle with full push-ups. 
  • Mountain climber jacks, 1 minute.
  • Kneel-to-squat get-ups, 45 seconds. 
  • Jumping lunges, 1 minute 
  • Star crunches, 45 seconds. Start lying on your back with your hands and legs outstretched. Bring your hands and feet together while crunching your abs.
  • Ab walkout to tuck-jumps, 1 minute.

What to do next

This workout will tone and train your whole body, making you sweat, but it'll also really work your thighs and glutes. If you're looking to develop even more lower-body power or well-sculpted glutes, the next step (when, or if, you return to the gym) is barbell squats.

Barbells can allow you to add much more weight than conventional bodyweight squats or goblet squats with dumbbells. By varying reps and choosing where to place the bar – front or back – you can change the intensity. Barbell squats also create a strong metabolic response, so it can also help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Check out our guide on how to do a barbell squat for more info. 

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