Watch: 30 minute low-impact barre session using only a chair

Do barre in your own home, anytime with this 30-minute workout from a top London PT

Barre workout
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Barre classes have become extremely popular in recent years. Taking inspiration from the grace and athleticism of ballet dancers, who often use barre to train their movements and stances, barre classes usually involve you holding onto the bar with one hand, and using that support to help you execute and hold difficult positions. 

Now you can bring this into your home using just a yoga mat and a chair to lean on. Aimee Victoria Long, recently named as one of the top personal trainers in London by the Evening Standard, took over our Instagram account to show off her home barre-inspired 30 minute workout. Check it out below:

Why try barre?

Barre, like ballet, is suitable for both men and women. Aimee's workout is big on flexibility training, helping you get (and stay) limber as a big part of the 30-minute routine. 

Chances are, especially if you're an older fitness enthusiast, you don't stretch enough. It's never too late to start: stretching helps lengthen muscles, limiting the risk of injury and helping with our exercise recovery.

Barre workout

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As we age, our muscles naturally contract, which limits our movements and stops us getting out and about – think of the characteristic shuffle of an elderly person without much mobility. Stretching will fight against this process, giving you many more years of mobility.

In addition, Aimee's workout helps us develop a strong core, which is useful in all walks of life. From something as simple as standing up from a chair to dynamic twisting motions used in sports, a strong core is very important – and looks great if you're after those six-pack abs.


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