Watch: 30 minute upper-body strength workout for beginners

No weights? No bands? No problem. You can start getting toned arms and core with our beginners workout

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What's stopping you from doing resistance training? Is it the lack of equipment, or feeling nervous about stepping into the weights section of the gym with all the big, experienced lifters? 

Whatever your reason, this routine from Movement For Mums coach Claire Cole, originally posted on our Instagram account, can help you ease yourself into resistance training. With no equipment except for a mat on the floor, Cole helps you begin your strength journey with moves that work your triceps, chest, forearms and abdominals. 

Check out the workout below:

Why should you do resistance training?

Resistance training – anything from using weights to doing bodyweight training like push ups, pull ups and dips – is important because it changes your body composition. It might not help you lose weight directly, in the same way cardiovascular exercise does, but you can still get a sweat on, tone up and build muscle.

By incorporating resistance training and cardio exercise into your routine. you'll shrink fat and build up muscle simultaneously. You'll also build up your metabolism as you add more muscle to your body, which helps you burn fat more naturally at rest. 

Why core exercise matters

This workout also incorporates lots of core strengthening moves, like planks, which are beneficial in lots of different ways. Your core strength assists with standing up and walking, and will continue to make these simple tasks easier in later life. 

Our muscle naturally deteriorates as we age, undergoing a process known as "atrophy". The stronger our muscles are, the slower these muscles age, keeping you strong and active in your later years. 

In addition, your core assists you with every dynamic movement in any kind of sport you could name, from running to dynamic twisting motions in football, basketball, boxing, yoga, dance or martial arts. 


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