What's the difference between the Fitbit Luxe and the Fitbit Charge 5?

The two latest Fitbits compared – which one is worth your hard-earned cash?

Fitbit Charge5 and Fitbit Luxe
(Image credit: Fitbit)

Fitbit's having a good year. Beginning in 2020 with the launch of two new smartwatches, the Fitbit Sense and the Versa 3 to rave reviews, it's capitalised on this success with new features for its apps, and two new trackers: the Luxe and the long-awaited Fitbit Charge 5, which was announced last week.

The Charge 5 is available for pre-order now (opens in new tab) (or you can keep an eye our best Fitbit deals page as Black Friday draws closer), and the Luxe is already on shelves. But if you're looking for the best Fitbit for you, which is the one to pick up: the sleek, stylish and slightly cheaper Luxe, or the chunkier, feature-stuffed Charge 5? 

To start with, let's look at the stats. Fitbit Luxe is $149.95 (opens in new tab), with up to five days of battery life, and a load of features which are now standard on mid-to-premium level Fitbits: the new Daily Readiness Score, 24/7 heart rate tracking, smart-track (automatically detects when you start a workout), skin temperature tracking, menstrual and all Fitbit's usual metrics including Active Zone Minutes to keep your heart rate where you want it.

For an extra $30, Fitbit Charge 5 will have all this and more. The big pluses to the Charge include the on-board Electrodermal Activity, which monitors tiny changes in your skin temperature to indicate stress, and the Electrocardiogram scanner app, which offers an accurate look at your heart health by assessing it for atrial fibrillation. 

Fitbit Luxe

(Image credit: Fitbit)

It also packs an extra two days of battery life, so you don't have to charge it for a full week, and Fitbit Pay, which the Luxe doesn't have.

For the additional initial expense, you get way more features in the Charge than the Luxe. However, where the Luxe comes into its own is the versatility of the design. Although the Charge 5 contains swappable infinity bands, it's still very much a chunky fitness tracker-watch hybrid. The Luxe is sleek and elegant, with pebble-esque rounded corners, and has been designed with jewellery in mind.

Consequently, the Luxe has a variety of attractive band options, from masculine leather to gold jewellery bracelets. If you're bored of black silicone and want to accessorise in much the same way you might with a conventional watch, the Luxe is the tracker for you.

Of course, Fitbit's not the only game in town. From Apple to Huawei, there's tons of fitness trackers out there for every wrist, and one for every budget. For example, if you're a keen runner or adventurer, you can't go wrong with one of our best Garmin watch deals.

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