You only need three moves, one dumbbell, and 10 minutes to build core strength

This short, high-intensity routine strengthens your abs, develops your core, and makes a perfect workout finisher

A man performing a bicycle crunch as part of a home ab workout
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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your ab workouts, adding the same tired cluster of sit-ups to the end of your regular exercise sessions. 

This is better than nothing, but we can't help but feel your core deserves more. That's why we've found a short, effective ab finisher that will hit your midsection in less than 10 minutes. 

To give this workout a go, all you need is a single dumbbell. Our tried and tested selection of the best adjustable dumbbells are great options for home workouts as you can adjust the weight to suit your strength level, but a fixed weight dumbbell, kettlebell, or even a full water bottle will also do the trick. 

This session, designed by certified personal trainer Alex Rice, also only uses three exercises, but that doesn't mean you're in for an easy ride; this is the kind of finisher that will make your abs burn while building core strength, balance, and coordination.

Rice recommends completing all three exercises as a circuit with minimal rest in between, and repeating this circuit three times through.

You can watch Rice perform the movements in the Instagram post below. Try to match her tempo and form when you do the workout to make sure you're getting the most out of each exercise. 

Watch Alex Rice's ab workout

Rest periods are a key part of many workouts. This is particularly true in resistance training, where breaks of 60 seconds or more allow your muscles to recover so you can hit your next set with renewed strength and intensity.

However, finishers are a form of metabolic conditioning (or metcon) that help you tap into the last bit of energy you have at the end of your session. As such, rest times are often kept to a minimum, spiking your heart rate and boosting your metabolism in one final burst of effort.

Hearing this, you might be tempted to rush through these movements to get the workout over as quickly as possible, but Rice stresses the importance of moving slowly and intentionally. 

Finding control with ab movements is an easy way to increase the time your core muscles spend under tension, making them more challenging and quickly improving your core strength. So, instead of seeing how quickly you can complete this workout, try to move more slowly every time you do it. 

Many of the best ab workouts are floor-based, but if you're not a fan of that training style, try this standing abs workout instead. Or maybe you’d prefer a cardio finisher? If that's the case, we have the perfect equipment-free workout for you, and it only takes 15 minutes. 

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