Cyber Monday protein deals: Final sales on cheap protein powders and other supplements

Cyber Monday protein deals have arrived, and there are big discounts to be had tonight only – but hurry!

Cyber Monday protein deals
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The Cyber Monday protein deals are a perfect opportunity to save on protein powders, drinks, and bars – but there’s more to the deals than this. Right now, you can save on pre-workout powders and sports drinks, mass gainers, BCAAs… even essential vitamins too. Now Cyber Monday is officially here, we’ll be continually updating this page with all the unmissable protein powders and other products in the best supplement sales. 

If you’re looking for products to help you build lean muscle while remaining light on calories, you can check this deals roundup against our guide to the best protein powder for weight loss. However, we’ll be covering mass gainers and all sorts here, and we’ll be including the discounts that are worth getting excited about while leaving out those that really aren’t worth your money. 

Protein powders are for everyone, not just bodybuilders – whether you’re a runner, yogi, lifter, or HIIT fan, making sure your muscles have recovered properly is vital for all forms of training, and extra protein can help. Regardless of discipline, we’ll have Cyber Monday protein deals to suit what you need. 

Brands including Bulk, MyProtein, and retailers such as A1 Supplements in the US and Holland and Barrett in the UK already have some excellent savings that are well worth snapping up right now so to see what’s available right now, just keep reading to find the savings in your region. 

And if Cyber Monday protein deals aren’t enough, there are plenty of savings to be had on Cyber Monday weights deals and Cyber Monday workout clothes deals too. 

Cyber Monday protein deals: US quick links

Cyber Monday protein deals: UK quick links

Cyber Monday protein deals 2021: Last chance to buy

We've found the best Cyber Monday protein deals available right now to help you save on the product anyone can benefit from when muscle building. 

Cyber Monday protein deals in the US

Optimum Gold Standard Nutrition | Save up to $10 at Muscle & Strength

Our top-rated whey powder. Delicious, easy to drink, extremely effective at 24g of protein and 5g of BCAAs per serving. Depending on the size you choose, you can save up to $10 on your order with a 5lbs tub. 

Pre Jym Pre-workout | was $49.99, now $37.49 at Amazon
Save 25% on this pre-workout for enhancing your fitness regime. Complete with creatine and BCAAS, this supplement is strawberry kiwi flavor and gives you $12.50 off right now.  

 MusclePharm Essentials BCAA | Was $19.99 | now $9.99 at Muscle & Strength
Half price at Muscle & Strength, this BCAA powder contains three essential amino acids in a clinically-studied 3:1:2 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine to Valine, all of which can aid protein synthesis and help you gain muscle more efficiently.  

Old School Vintage Build | was $49.99, now $39.97 at Amazon
There’s a great saving on this lean muscle-building post-workout supplement right now. Suitable for vegans and free from artificial sweeteners, it’s a great choice and is $10 cheaper right now.  

Orgain Organic Protein Creamy| was $25.99, now $15.74 at Walmart
This is another great buy for anyone looking to build muscle with a vegan-friendly protein powder - even better for those who have a sweet tooth since it’s chocolate fudge flavor. Not only does this powder provide you with 21g of protein per serving but it includes the added benefits from various superfoods such as chia, beet, turmeric, and kale. Get this vegan protein powder now for $19.98 and save yourself $6.

Pure Protein 100% Whey Protein Powder | was $19.99, now $14.86 at Walmart

Each scoop of this protein powder contains 25g of protein and includes essential amino acids to help you achieve the ultimate muscle gains. The vanilla flavor means you can make things like morning oats or post-gym smoothie that little bit tastier. Save over $5 on this if you buy it now.

Cyber Monday protein deals in the UK

MyProtein | save up to 75% site wide at MyProtein
There was an enormous 50% off the whole site right now at MyProtein by entering the code: GOAT. But now? No code required, and the discounts have increased for CM. Get on it!

Pure Whey Protein | was £16.99, now £8.79 at Bulk
Get this 500g bag of whey protein with a discount right now at Bulk. With fantastic reviews and larger sizes available, this protein offers a real bargain right now. Don’t miss out.  

Vegan Protein Powder | was £17.99, now £7.99 at Bulk  
The Bulk Vegan Protein Powder is made entirely from Soy making it perfect for anyone looking for a plant-based protein powder. With this blend, you’ll get 23g of protein per serving and you can choose from seven different flavors such as apple strudel, chocolate peanut, and strawberry. Grab this deal now while it lasts!

 When do protein products go on sale? 

If you have checked out our Cyber Monday protein hub you will have noticed that retailers began discounting prices on these products from early November. It is common to see Black Friday protein discounts remain through Cyber Monday until Mid-December.

Each retailer will offer different deals, some better than others. If you are more attracted to one retailer over another then you might find yourself purchasing more than one protein product from one place so your savings might be larger. For example, Bulk has a sale on right now but they also offer 25% off if you spend more than £30. You could be making large savings if you purchase various different items from here.

If you are just after one item then a retailer like Amazon or Walmart might be better and you are still saving with whatever deals they have on your item at the time of purchase.

Why get a protein powder deal on Cyber Monday?

Protein powder is essential for anyone who's into their resistance training. Whether you're a serious weightlifter (and if so, we recommend you check the Cyber Monday  weights deals guide) or just someone who likes to do a few press-ups, in order to allow your muscles to recover, you need dietary protein. 

If you do regular resistance training, it could be tough to get the necessary amount of protein in your diet through whole foods alone. Protein powders provide a convenient, tasty supplement that allow you to squeeze in a little extra protein day-to-day in order to help your muscles recover from those gruelling resistance workouts. 

Other supplements such as BCAAs increase the muscle's ability to convert and use protein. Meanwhile, the supplements deals also include multivitamins, hydration supps and more. Even if you're not a keen lifter, there's something for you here. 

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

This year, Black Friday 2021 is falling on Monday, November 29, after a Black Friday weekend and a long November stuffed to the brim with fitness deals. However, we're expecting the protein powder deals to begin ramping up significantly earlier than that. For example, Holland and Barrett are running their Black Friday sale from Thursday November 18, a whole week before the official date, and other retailers like Amazon will be dropping deals from early November. Be sure to check back to this page where possible, as we'll cover all the best Black Friday protein deals in the run-up to the big day. 

However, it's not just about the Monday. Initially conceived as a post-Thanksgiving rush to buy Christmas presents, Black Friday has since grown into an entire weekend, and a shopping holiday all of its own. 

Cyber Monday initially began as a way for online retailers to offload unsold Black Friday stock. However, it's since become almost as big a deal as Black Friday itself, with some of the very best deals dropping on the last day of the bonanza. If you're too late to swipe a Black Friday protein deal, keep checking back, as Cyber Monday means the discounts will continue right up until midnight on the 29th.

Cyber Monday Protein Deals 2021: Retailers to watch

US retailers to watch

A quick search for "protein powder" at Target will provide a smorgasbord of options, including vegan-friendly products, BCAAs, and top brands like Gold Standard Nutrition. Categories for whey, plant-based and certain popular flavours provide easy navigation. 
Shop protein powders at Target now:

Much like Target, the catch-all store has loads of protein powders, multivitamins, pre-workout powders and more in its supplements range, including top brands and low prices. Walmart's been historically excellent for price cuts on Black Friday, and 2021 is looking no different. 
Shop protein powders at Walmart here

Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods, the US' preeminent sporting goods outlet, has an entire section devoted to protein powder and sports nutrition. We can expect a smorgasbord of deals as the Black Friday weekend ends and Cyber Monday hype ramps up. 
Shop protein powders at Dick's Sporting Goods

Amazon US
Obviously. Amazon's lightning deals and Black Friday discounts are always worth a look no matter what you're buying, from paddleboards to protein powders. This year is no different, so keep your eyes peeled. 
Shop protein powders at Amazon here

MyProtein's discounts may vary between the US and the UK, but the retailer operates with a foot in either market. There are some incredible deals that are sure to crop up that could be exclusive to the US, so keep an eye on the MyProtein site for everything from muscle-builders to hydration aids and multivitamins.
Shop protein powder at MyProtein here

UK retailers to watch

Holland and Barrett
The UK's leading health and wellbeing stores also do a great line in sports supplements, with a whole smorgasbord of protein powders always on sale. We're expecting top deals like the return of its famous "buy one, get one for 1p" extravaganza. 
Shop protein powder at Holland and Barrett here

MyProtein's big "Impact Week" sale slashed 45% from loads of great items including up to 2 kilos of protein powder in over 20 flavours. Whey protein, vegan, BCAAs, their summery Clear Isolate protein powder, apparel... everything! 
Shop protein powder at MyProtein here

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