Build stronger legs with this five-move dumbbell workout

Work your lower body to improve stability and exercise performance with this short dumbbell routine

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It's easy to overlook a lower body workout; most routines focus on building arm, chest, and shoulder muscle. These are essential areas, but your legs play a crucial role too. This quick dumbbell workout is an ideal way to develop your lower body, even when you're short on time.

It's made up of just 10-15 repetitions of five weighted moves that are designed to work your lower half, build leg muscle, and develop core strength. And if you focus on getting the form of each move just right, you'll achieve leg strengthening results even from a quick session.

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This short routine was develop by personal trainer Alice Liveing, and is designed to give your lower body a blast even when you're short on time. You can do the five moves as a quick session, or repeat the round for a more extended workout.

To get the most from your training, it's important to focus on your form. This is particularly important when working with weights to avoid injury. Helpfully, Liveing demonstrates each move, so you practice the technique before starting the routine.

Watch Alice Liveing's five-move lower body dumbbell workout

The routine includes some of the best leg workouts like goblet squats, Romanian deadlifts, and lateral lunges, alongside strength-building exercises like Good Mornings and Side-lying clams.

If you want to mix up your workout schedule, you can alternate Liveing's lower body routine with this dumbbells leg workout, which has some similar moves (like deadlifts), but also jump squats and single leg squats.

Learning how to deadlift with dumbbells is a great way to work your whole body, but it also helps strengthen your core, a section of mid-body muscle that aids stability, promotes circulation, and improves exercise performance.

Alternatively, invest in one of the best kettlebells and practice how to do kettlebell swings. This deceptively simple move works your upper and lower body, strengthens your core, and boosts your metabolism for muscle-building, fat-burning results.

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