Bulk Powders Black Friday deal: Up to 80% OFF protein powder and vitamins now

Looking to lose weight or tone up? Save up to a massive 80% with Bulk Powders' top Black Friday deal discounts

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Please note, this deal has now ended.

Supplements and nutrition can get very expensive. Even if you're eating right, buying protein powders and vitamins can sometimes cost a bomb. 

Bulk Powders - makers of some of the best protein powder for weight loss - is offering discounts up to an enormous 80% off, including its super-popular Pure Whey Protein (opens in new tab), Collagen and Vitamin C Powder (opens in new tab), Complete Multivitamin Complex (opens in new tab), and loads more.

You can buy any item in any size, but the discount applies as a percentage, so the maximum 5KG size will last you ages and save you the most money. You'll also receive three free gifts if you spend over £30: a protein bar, shaker and Pure Whey Protein sample. Check out the best deals below:

now £44.99 at Bulk Powders (opens in new tab)

Pure Whey Protein 5KG, shaker & bar/protein sachet sample | was £89.99 | now £44.99 at Bulk Powders (opens in new tab)
What it says on the tin: if you're looking to tone up and build muscle, Bulk Powders' Pure Whey Protein is the product for you. Comes in loads of different flavours, from the usual vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter or banana to more obscure varieties such as "Birthday Cake".

now £9.74 at Bulk Powders (opens in new tab)

Bulk Powders Collagen & Vitamin C powder 500G | was £14.99 | now £9.74 at Bulk Powders (opens in new tab)
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body (often seen included in skincare products) and vitamin C not only has a load of health benefits on its own, but encourages collagen formation in the body. Want healthy skin and a nice smile in addition to toned arms and strong bones? This is the supp for you.

now £29.99 at Bulk Powders (opens in new tab)

Complete hydration drink 5KG, shaker & bar/protein sachet sample | was £74.99 | now £29.99 at Bulk Powders (opens in new tab)
This mix will reduce tiredness and fatigue during your workouts, getting the water into your system faster than drinking it on its own. An advanced tri-carbohydrate blend consisting of Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Fructose will keep you going when workouts get tough.

Bulk Powders Black Friday deal: What should I get?

The world of nutrition can be a minefield, but we're here to make it simple. If you're always on the move, and don't get enough time to get enough fresh fruit and veg into your diet, it might be worth opting for Bulk Powders' Complete Multivitamin Complex (opens in new tab) or Complete Breakfast Smoothie (opens in new tab).

Collagen and Vitamin C Powder (opens in new tab) helps contribute to healthy skin, bones and teeth in addition to muscles.

if you're doing lots of resistance training or using weights at all, it's important to get enough protein in to build up your muscles: we recommend the Pure Whey Protein or Super Pea Protein Isolate (opens in new tab), as it's vegan and vegetarian-friendly and contains 24g of muscle-building protein in every scoop.

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