Exercise and nutrition planner deals: Save $$ on Fitness notebooks at Amazon now

Go analogue to track your exercise and nutrition with these great fitness planner deals

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It might seem archaic, but if you're taking your exercise and nutrition seriously, you really need a notebook. Not a laptop, or a spreadsheet, or tablet computer: Just a good old fashioned pen-and-paper notebook.

With no notifications from your phone, or unwieldy formulas to plug in, or the temptation to go browsing on the internet, a notebook is the ultimate distraction-free tool for tracking your fitness. While a blank pen and paper can seem somewhat intimidating, modern fitness notebooks are structured in such a way that you can perfectly track your progress in an easy, legible way. 

Check out the best deals below on two of the best structured fitness planners out there, ending in a few hours thanks to Amazon's lightning deals. Don't miss out!

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SaltWrap The Daily Fitness Planner: Gym Workout Log and Food Journal | was $26.95 | now $16.54 (opens in new tab)
SaltWrap's planner is meticulously detailed, with everything you need to plan and record your workout and nutrition for the next six months. With dedicated spaces and ways to structure your note-taking, you'll soon be approaching your health and exercise in a much more organised manner. 

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Fitlosophy Fitbook: Fitness Journal and Planner for Workouts, Weight Loss | was $25.99 | now $15.10 (opens in new tab)
For those taking on a dedicated 12-week plan, keep track of every detail with this structured, distraction-free notebook. Set weekly goals, plan your workouts and organise your meals ahead of time: you can even write affirmations and rewards for the weekly summary page. It even comes with a pen. 

According to a report by Harvard University (opens in new tab), those who keep a food and nutrition diary lose double the amount of weight as those who don't, so that's already a solid reason to start writing down your daily calorie intake. 

However, diet is only half the issue: if you can track your workout performance as well, you'll have a new appreciation for how far you've come once you look back on those early entries. 

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Workout tools like the ones above provide structure. For example, the Saltwrap Daily Fitness Planner (opens in new tab) is a gym workout log and food journal. Each page has an area for statistics like height and weight, your food diary, a workout log and more. It's not just a way to record your progress: it ensures it.

The Fitlosophy Fitbook (opens in new tab) on the other hand, is tailored specifically to those who are taking on a 12 week fitness plan. With a dedicated daily food log to record healthy eating, vitamins, water and sleep, the journal also includes a daily workout page to track strength training, cardio, classes, and flexibility.

Check out the deals on both books above. For around $15, you get the most important tool that goes into a better body: organization. Again, these discounts won't last long, so don't miss out!

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