Flash sale: Save $300 on the incredible Hydrow rowing machine today only!

There's no time to waste: Save a minimum of $300 on all Hydrow rowing machines right now, just for today. Don't miss out!

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If you've been shopping around for rowing machines, a Hydrow has likely been top of your list. Its revolutionary on-the-water feel and drag technology mimics the smooth motion of really being on the water, and its big 22" screen displays your vital stats and acts as a window into a whole smorgasbord of connected workouts. 

Undoubtedly, it's one of the best rowing machines out there right now, but its high price point understandably causes lots of people to delay hitting the "buy" button. Well, you're in luck: for today only, there's a flash sale on Hydrow rowers. 

Right now, you can save a blanket $300 across all Hydrow packages at Best Buy, but that's not all: you can also save up to a huge $379 on the Hydrow store. Check out the deals in full below. Remember, once the sale's gone, it's gone. Don't miss out! 

Hydrow deals: Check out the Flash sale here

Hydrow Connected Rower silver/black | was $2,494.99 | now $2,194.99 at Best Buy

Hydrow Connected Rower silver/black | was $2,494.99 | now $2,194.99 at Best Buy
Save $300 on the Hydrow Connected Rower unit, with its beautiful simulation technology adding an element of realism to your workout. In addition to the recreation of the rowing "feel", it's also a top-notch piece of workout kit, with a computer-controlled electromagnetic drag mechanism to resist your pulls effectively.

Hydrow Connected Rower silver/black and one-year subscription code| was $2,950.99 | now $2,650.99 at Best Buy

Hydrow Connected Rower silver/black and one-year subscription code| was $2,950.99 | now $2,650.99 at Best Buy
Save $300 on the same great Hydrow unit, with a one-year subscription to Hydrow's stable of live and on-demand fitness classes. Join live broadcasts or choose from over 1000 pre-recorded river and studio rowing sessions – it's the best way to use the machine.

Hydrow Works package | was $3,274.99 | now $2,895| Save $379 at the Hydrow store

Hydrow Works package | was $3,274.99 | now $2,895| Save $379 at the Hydrow store
Save $379 directly on the unbelievable Hydrow Works package, which includes the rower, a machine mat, Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate Monitor, Jaybird Vista wireless headphones, yoga blocks, resistance bands, 1-1 personal coaching via the Hydrow's screen, and even free delivery.

Why get a Hydrow?

Quite simply, Hydrow is one of, if not the, top rowing machine on the market right now. We've already waxed lyrical about the simulation motion and the drag technology, but it's a sleek-looking piece of kit and practical, too. No chain and fan noises mean it's whisper-quiet, it's tested to last for over three million pulls, and it can even be stored in an upright position. 

There's lots of ways to work out on it, too: you can also adjust the resistance to feel like you're on a single rowboat, an eight-person Olympic team or even a traditional rowing machine.

The sweatproof 22" touchscreen sports an embedded two-megapixel camera for one-to-one coaching, a microphone, a USB 2.0 connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. This is great, because to get the best out of Hydrow, you're going to want to access the smorgasbord of workouts on offer, be it a dynamic trainer-led rowing class or a simulated river row. The multimedia functionality allows you to lose yourself in whatever routine best fits your mood. 

Want to compare it to the Ergatta, the other best-in-class rower? Check out our Ergatta vs Hydrow round-up where we pit the two best rowing machines head-to-head. 

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