I upped my water intake to improve my skin, and here's what actually happened

Chasing glowy skin, I decided to drink more water and see whether it really made a difference

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Skincare is something I'm particularly passionate about. I've poured over countless books, articles, and products on a quest to improve my skin and achieve that highly desirable 'glowy' look. But, a method as old as time suggests drinking more water to improve your skin. A challenge I was definitely up for. 

Now, I'm an adult but I can't be the only one who gets excited at the prospect of picking pretty versions of the best water bottles for the gym in order to bribe myself to drink more, right? Do I need a bottle with a fresh lemon infuser? Yes, I think I do. Do I also need a ridiculously large water bottle? Absolutely. So the first thing I did was invest in a decent bottle (or a few) and dot them around the house to make drinking water even easier. My personal favourite, the Gym Keg is actually 20% off today, down to $19.99 at Amazon.

And then there's the age-old debate of tap water vs filter. While tap water is mainly safe, according to the EPA, I'm not keen on the tap water at my home so I invested in the Amazon Basics 10-Cup Water Filter, which is 36% cheaper right now.

If you're thinking about increasing your water intake, the latest Prime Day fitness deals include some great savings, or keep reading to find today's best picks. 

Amazon Prime Day Water Filter & Bottle Deals

The Gym Keg 2.2 L Water Bottle | Was $24.99,

The Gym Keg 2.2 L Water Bottle | Was $24.99, now $19.99 at Amazon
Staying hydrated is super easy with this huge water bottle. I've put it to its test in the gym and it's leak-proof and durable, making it ideal for big workouts. Save 20% this Prime Day.

Amazon Basics 10-Cup Water Pitcher with Water Filter | Was $26.99

Amazon Basics 10-Cup Water Pitcher with Water Filter | Was $26.99, now $17.38 at Amazon
This water pitcher comes with a water filter and it's compatible with Brita. It's accredited by the Water Quality Association and helps to remove chlorine, copper, and mercury tastes from your water. Grab it now while it's 36% cheaper. 

BUZIO Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle | Was $34.99

BUZIO Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle | Was $34.99, now $27.99 at Amazon
Like to exercise on the go? This water bottle can keep your drink cool for 48 hours or act as a flask too - perfect for hiking or long walks. Don't miss this 20% discount while it lasts. 

, now $22.97 at Amazon

Hydracy Water Bottle With Time Marker | Was $29.97, now $22.97 at Amazon
Stay on top of your water intake with this bottle that shows you exactly how much to drink throughout the day. Complete with a sleeve, this bottle is reduced by 23% today. 

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher | Was $38.99

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher | Was $38.99, now $21.99 at Amazon
Benefit from the standard of Brita filters for less with this Nakii Prime Day saving. Featuring an Activated Carbon Filter, this filter has also been certified by the Water Quality Association.

Equipped with my water vessels, here's what happened when I upped my water intake. 

1. My skin didn't improve, but my tiredness did

While I didn't notice a dramatic difference in my skin, even after a few weeks, I did notice that I didn't feel as groggy. My foggy head cleared more quickly and I was able to concentrate better on what I was doing. 

2. I noticed when I was thirsty, not hungry

I was definitely guilty of reaching for something sweet when I was actually thirsty and while I'm definitely not suggesting you substitute food for water, sipping on water all day helps you distinguish between hunger and thirst.

3. Drinking more quickly became a habit

Many of us want to drink more water but unless you have a bottle by your side, it can be super easy to forget. Much like drinking a cup of coffee out of your favorite mug makes a difference, I found that picking out some water bottles and investing in a filter made this a habit I've been able to stick to without any extra effort at all.

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All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place
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All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place

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