Save 10% on these AJUMKER Dumbbells Barbell set for Prime Day

Prime day is almost over, so grab 10% off these AJUMKER Dumbbells before it's too late

AJUMKER Dumbbells Barbell Set
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Save yourself 10% on these fantastic adjustable dumbbells this Prime Day, but don't delay - Prime Day ends at midnight on the 12th of October and the prices are likely to return to normal. 

The AJUMKER Dumbbells Barbell Set is on sale right now at Amazon for $47.67,  saving you a tidy $5.32 on the retail price. This Dumbbell Barbell set is a versatile piece of kit, allowing you to work out different body parts at home, without spending your hard earned cash on a gym membership. 

It weighs in at 44lbs/20kg total (4 x 5.5lbs + 4 x 4.4lbs + 4 x 3.3lbs + 4 x 2.75lbs plates) and offers a three-in-one dumbbell-barbell, converting to fit all your needs. There are plenty of accessories, too, which are fast and easy to install. It can be used for wide hammer or close grip exercises and is easy to change between each setting.

Read on for more about this great adjustable dumbbell deal, or if this isn't the deal for you, have a look best adjustable dumbbells for the top models on the market right now.

Amazon Prime Early Access AJUMKER Dumbbells Barbell Set deal

AJUMKER Dumbbells Barbells Set| $52.99,   $47.67 at Amazon

AJUMKER Dumbbells Barbells Set| $52.99,   $47.67 at Amazon

Save yourself a bundle on these AJMUKER Dumbbells Barbells Set this Prime Day. They're perfect for increasing muscle mass, improving muscular endurance, boosting cardiovascular health, encouraging weight loss, and increasing endurance.

This is a great dumbbell-barbell set for beginners and intermediate athletes alike. Adjusting the weight can help you improve step-by-step during training and gives you a tangible way to track your progress as you progress from lighter to heavier settings. 

Use these AJUMKER Dumbbell-Barbells with confidence during training, trusting the non-slip material on the handles and the thicken and smooth nuts (which are easy to twist on and off) to see you through your workout. As the weights also have a balance point, you don't have to worry about rolling the dumbbells. 

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