The Cyber Monday Amazon Basics kettlebell deal has finished—get a bigger discount on this better model

Select Yes4All kettlebells are discounted by over 50% during the Black Friday period

A set of Amazon Basics kettlebells in the home of fitness writer, Lou Mudge
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The best deal I saw during the Black Friday sales was on these 45lb Amazon Basics kettlebells, which dropped down by 46% to just $27.10. 

Sadly, it looks like this deal has now expired—but there are plenty of other discounts still available on Black Friday weights

Another favorite of mine, TruGrit, has a 12lb offering that has 46% off for Cyber Monday if you're looking for something lighter. And Yes4All has discounted some of its weights by over 50%. 

You can currently get this 31lb Yes4All cast iron model for $38.02, which is 52% cheaper than its original list price. While that doesn't quite match up with Amazon's cheap $27 deal, Yes4All's kettlebell is a better model: powder-coated for durability, with a seamless finish. 

Yes4All 31lb cast iron kettlebell: was $80, now $38.02 at Amazon

Yes4All 31lb cast iron kettlebell: was $80, now $38.02 at Amazon

Save 52% on this powder-coated kettlebell from Yes4All. The brand features highly in our list of the best kettlebells, thanks to its durable design. While we haven't tested this particular 'bell, Amazon reviews are strong, with customers commenting that it provides a great grip thanks to its powder-coated finish. Amazon has written its list price as $80; it usually retails for around $50, so either way it has a significant discount applied. 

Tru Grit Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebell 12lb: $34.99now $14.99 on Amazon

Tru Grit Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebell 12lb: was $34.99, now $14.99 on Amazon

Save 57% If you're looking for something lighter, these Tru Grit kettlebells are also available with a significant discount. It covers the basics well with a cast-iron construction that's built to last and a lightly textured powder-coated handle for extra grip during sweaty sessions. 


This deal has now expired, but it's worth keeping an eye on as it might reappear before the end of the sales.

Amazon Basics 45lb kettlebell: was $49.73, now $27.10 at Amazon

Save 46% on this affordable kettlebell from Amazon. It was my pick of the early Black Friday deals, but the offer sold out in no time at all (I got emails). I'm delighted it's returned because you can get a 45lb kettlebell for less than the retailer's 25lb option. But be quick, my guess is it'll sell out quickly again.

I'm really into kettlebells, especially because they open the door to fun moves like the kettlebell swing. I've been lifting weights for about 10 years and I always come back to the kettlebell as a firm favorite. 

I use these weights to add resistance to glute bridges, holding it over my hips to increase the difficulty of the exercise. I also do goblet squats and squat thrusters holding the kettlebell, which increases the difficulty of the exercise and has really helped tone up my bum and legs. 

I like the Amazon's Basics range, because the circumference of the handles are small enough for my hands, so there's no risk of dropping them when I perform an exercise. In my opinion, the cast-iron and enamel coating makes these some of the best budget kettlebells.

Lou Mudge
Fitness Writer

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