Fitbit Versa deals: where to buy a Fitbit Versa on sale

In the market for a new Fitbit Versa? We’ve rounded up the best Fitbit Versa deals available right now

Best Fitbit Versa deals
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If you're looking for Fitbit Versa deals, you may be wondering which model gives you the biggest bang for your buck. With every Fitbit Versa release, the older model becomes cheaper while being far from obsolete. 

With the release of the Versa 3, you'll be able to find the best cheap Fitbit Versa 2 deal and enjoy all of its varied features and functions for less. This stylish fitness smartwatch is an excellent aid to getting in shape, and with the best Fitbit Versa deals to hand, you needn't sweat over the price. 

While we're primarily looking at Fitbit Versa deals here - from the Versa 2 to the Versa Lite and original Versa, it's also worth considering the best Fitbit deals on other models. The good news is, in this case, the price is not an indicator of quality, and you can easily pick up a bargain for a great piece of kit. 

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Best cheap Fitbit Versa 2 deals

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The Fitbit Versa 2 does a brilliant job of combining health and fitness tracking with great design. That alone makes the Versa 2 incredibly appealing, but when you see the features and functions it offers, then a deal on this device makes it seem even harder to resist.

There’s a built-in voice assistant, round-the-clock heart rate tracking, in-depth sleep monitoring, smart notifications, and enough integrated memory for playing back music via Spotify or by adding Deezer playlists.

Smartphone notifications are handy; the on-screen workouts rock, while the real-time pace and distance tracking using your phone’s GPS gives you pinpoint data accuracy. Although please note that unlike Charge 4, there is no GPS built-in to the Versa 2.

SmartTrack lets you automatically record your preferred sporting activities, and when you're done for the day, there’s a complete suite of sleep tracking tools along with scores for a better understanding of your rhythms.

You can also use Fitbit Pay to buy water, energy drinks, or coffee on the go, so long as you have a card from one of the relatively small number of supported banks.

Add on the battery life of over four days – way better than any Apple Watch – and you’ve got a real gem. Being able to track your activity, listen to music, and text all day every day is ideal. 

The fab exterior styling is merely the icing on the cake. Yup, the Fitbit Versa 2 is tech to wear anytime and anywhere, not just for working out.

Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition deals

Best cheap Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition deals

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Track down a best deal on the Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition and you’ll enter into a slightly different fitness tracking smartwatch arena.

While the regular editions of the Fitbit Versa feature enough ergonomically-friendly eye-candy as is, the Special Edition oozes even more style. The main cosmetic difference is what goes around your wrist, with a strap that can be chosen to compliment your preferred casing colour.

Other than that, it's all the usual Versa 2 goodness, with built-in Amazon Alexa voice control, the ability to take a deep dive into your sleep patterns, 24/7 heart tracking, intense music management via Spotify and Deezer playlists with the capacity for 300 or so tunes on your wrist.

Lookout too for notifications for calls, texts and social media nods, while the exercise statistics provided by the Fitbit Versa Special Edition are just as detailed as the other models too.

With over 4 days of battery life, plus the added bonus of being just that little bit more tantalizing to look at and you’ve got one very cool package indeed.

Fitbit Versa Lite deals

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Want to spend a little less on your Fitbit? Head for the best deals on the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition in that case. Less money doesn't necessarily mean a leaner array of features mind.

In fact, it’s got oodles of great stuff, including a built-in NFC chip for making contactless payments, Bluetooth and over 4 days of battery life.

Activity monitoring covers step tracking, heart rate, distance, calories burned, active minutes plus hourly activity and stationary time.

It’s waterproof to 50 metres making the Versa Lite ideal for the pool or running in the rain while the on-board apps include the likes of fitness, obvs., sport, news, travel and transport, just in case you decide to get the bus home.

Smart Track lets you keep tabs on your preferred exercises, the sleep tracking covers all types of shut-eye monitoring and you can also drill down into your cardio fitness levels and create a personalised score.

Yes indeedy, if you love your data then being able to sync your stats wirelessly to the likes of iOS, Android and Windows tech is a real boon.

And, in the same way as other models, you can customise the Fitbit Versa Lite with different bands and bracelets. The clock face can be personalised too.

Fitbit Versa deals (original version)

This model has been discontinued but you may still find it going cheap online. If it's not significantly lower in price, we suggest you stick to the options above, but the original Versa is not a bad watch as such, although it lacks a few features, including Alexa and Fitbit Pay, and looks a bit plainer – the screen is noticeably more dowdy.

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