Get Fit for 2021 with Fit&Well: everything you need for your healthiest year yet

Start the new year as you mean to go on with a wealth of health, fitness and wellbeing advice from our experts

Get Fit for 2021 with Fit&Well
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The year 2020 is firmly behind us - thank goodness for that. I don't know about you, but last year was a challenging one for me, to say the least. Here's hoping that 2021 is better for all of us.

Whilst a whole new year may be upon us, the global coronavirus pandemic is still very much ongoing across the globe - which means that looking after your health and fitness will stay top of the agenda for many of us this year.

That's why we've launched Get Fit for 2021, a series of helpful articles to set you up for success this year no matter what your goal - whether it's to lose weight, find a new fitness regime or follow a more balanced, healthy diet. 

Here at Fit&Well, we’ll be bringing you a wealth of workouts, diet plans and expert advice throughout January to help kick-start your health and fitness goals. 

Highlights will include our series of 30-day challenges, the perfect way to kick-start your year of fitness. I'll be practising what I preach by taking on my own challenge - five minutes of skipping every day for a month (there, I've said it. No going back now...). You can look forward to reading about my success - or otherwise - with that later down the line.

The aim of all of this? It's simple. To help you work out how to get fit in 2021, and inspire you to make t your happiest, healthiest yet.

So, are you with me!? Get going with the selection of Get Fit for 2021 reads listed below, and also follow our top tips to ensure you get the most out of it.

Get Fit for 2021: essential reading


30-day workout challenges
Start January as you mean to go on with our 30-day workout challenges - complete just a few simple moves every day for noticeable results. See the list below, and keep your eyes peeled for more as we add them.


Diet plans & weight loss advice
Whether you’re looking to shift a few post-Christmas pounds or you’ve resolved that 2021 will be the year you hit your healthy goal weight. From intermittent fasting approaches such as keto and carb cycling to popular plans including the Cambridge and Nordic Diets, you’ll find info on how and why they work, along with meal planners to make sure you don’t go hungry. There’ll also be plenty to help you stay on-track, from inspiring real-life weight loss stories to tips for rapid (but safe) weight loss.


Veganuary ideas and advice
Whether you're giving a plant-based diet a try for the first time this January as part of the ever-more-popular Veganuary movement, or you're already a committed vegan who's looking for healthy eating inspiration, we've got you covered.

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Get Fit for 2021 with Fit&Well
As the sun rises on a brand new year, Fit&Well is here to help put last year behind you and make 2021 your happiest, healthiest yet. Here at, we’ll be bringing you a wealth of workouts, diet plans and expert advice throughout January to help kick-start your health and fitness goals.

Stephanie Wood

Stephanie is Editor of GoodToKnow and was previously the Editor of Fit&Well. With 15 years experience, she has worked for titles including Woman&Home, MSN and Stylist, covering all aspects of women’s lifestyle including health and fitness. Her preferred way of staying fit and well is sport: she regularly plays tennis and has been a keen netballer since her school days. She plays with her London-based team, Cool Runnings, and is also a qualified Level 2 Netball Coach. Stephanie recently started strength training, and can now regularly be seen hobbling around her local area as DOMS kicks in. Happily, she’s since discovered the joy of recovery days. As a result, her top fitness tip is: invest in a foam roller!