How this California man achieved a 236lbs weight loss – even after losing his wife

Robert Saldivar weighed 425lbs before a family tragedy put his health issues into perspective

Brand New Me: How this man achieved a 236lbs weight loss
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At 425Ibs, Robert Saldivar from Waterford, California, struggled with everyday life and would have trouble breathing walking from his car to his front door. By the time Robert would get back into the house he would be pouring in sweat and out of breath. 

His weight got out of control in 2005 as he would sit down at a desk for hours working in a call center. 

Robert told Truly: “I was hiding from society, I would just come home from work and stay home. I wouldn’t go to the stores, I didn’t want to be seen in public.” 

Robert's motivation to lose the weight came after a tragic incident. “What motivated me to lose 236lbs was after my wife passed away. It was after the funeral. I was in a depressed state before and after realising what had happened, it felt like a fog lifted above me and I was able to see myself for the very first time."

Robert didn’t realise just how big he was until that night and knew he had to turn things around so he could be there for his kids and prevent them from having such a burden on their lives. Robert continued: “After her passing, what really gave me the motivation and determination that I needed to start a diet and stick on a diet and continue working out was definitely being there for my two kids, they needed me in their life.”

Looking back, it has been a hard and emotional journey for Robert but he has successfully managed to lose 236lbs.

Brand New Me

(Image credit: Future)

"I started on the treadmill, and then I just fell in love with running," said Robert. Today, Robert is averaging around 7m 56s per mile on the treadmill, in increments of five miles.

Running is a wonderful way to improve not just your physical health, but your mental health too. One study has found that aerobic exercise such as running can be as effective as anti-depressants, but there's more to it than that: the forward momentum and changing environment can feel very significant. Unlike a stationary HIIT workout, you're literally on a journey, running towards your goals and putting something behind you. 

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