Jennifer Aniston shares her favorite smoothie recipe - and the secret to her glowing skin?

The popular actress shares her favorite smoothie recipe in an Instagram reel

Jennifer Aniston appearing very youthful looking
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Jennifer Aniston looks ridiculously fit and healthy for 52 - and now she’s given us a glimpse into how she manages it.

The Friends actress recently shared her favorite smoothie recipe with everyone in an Instagram reel, and it’s full of health-boosting ingredients.

Sporting a natural look as she preps her breakfast - with her skin looking particularly healthy and glowing - the star is seen loading almond milk, cherries, bananas, antioxidants, stevia and ice into her best blender.

And whilst many choose to add a few scoops of protein powder to their morning smoothie (check out our lists of the best protein powder for weight loss and the best protein powder for women), as a brand ambassador for Vital Proteins Aniston uses Vital Proteins Chocolate Collagen Peptides⁣⁣

The reel attracted a lot of people admiring how effortless the 52 year old actress looks and people expressing that they were eager to try the smoothie themselves. One user said, “If drinking this will let us look like Jennifer we are doing it”, and another commented, “THIS IS MY MORNING GOAL!!!! Jen Aniston is the best smoothie maker ever!”.

So could Aniston's youthful- looking skin be in part due to her collagen supplement?

Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the body and is responsible for skin elasticity and also contributes to overall joint and bone health. According to Medical News Today it is something that we build naturally.

GP, Dr Nisa Aslam from Colnaturmakers of the evidence backed collagen supplement range for muscles, joints and bone health says:

“Collagen is such an essential protein in our body helping make up many structures such as tendons, bones, hair, skin, muscles, ligaments and joints. When we start to lose collagen, these structures can weaken; our skin can sag, our muscles become weak and our bones are more prone to breaking.”

Luckily there are external ways for us to try and promote the growth of collagen in our bodies, such as looking into some of the best vitamins for women over 50

A study published in the Skin Pharmacology and Physiology journal looked into what effect collagen supplements can have on women’s skin. Over the course of eight weeks the women either took a collagen supplement or placebo. Following the eight weeks the researchers found that the group taking the supplements had greater elasticity and moisture levels.

Registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, tells Fit&Well that a great way for us to help the body produce collagen is to eat a varied and colorful diet. Consuming adequate protein and Vitamin C will benefit us. She adds that it doesn’t hurt to try to avoid stress and getting as much sleep as possible.

Jessica Downey
Jessica Downey

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