Joe Biden can't bring his Peloton exercise bike to the White House

Although it's one of the best exercise bikes you can buy, Joe Biden has a problem bringing his Peloton to the White House

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In an interview with Governor Gretchen Whitmer, incoming US President Joe Biden says he likes to work out with weights, a Peleton exercise bike and a treadmill every morning. The future commander-in-chief has good taste: after all, the Peloton bike features prominently in our list of the best exercise bike models you can buy, offering a smorgasbord of features including a screen, camera and microphone so you can join in online group classes. 

That feature might be causing him some trouble, as a report by Popular Mechanics has said Biden cannot bring his Peloton bike with him to the White House. This group exercise class functionality will have to be modified or removed, as the screens, microphone and camera are too easily hackable. 

Peloton has an impressive cult following of dedicated fitness fans who love the spin-class-at-home feel (especially in lockdown). There's 14 spinning classes streamed live every day, plus an  archive of past ones you can revisit, conducted by Peloton trainers. You can view all the action via an impressive high-def 22-inch touchscreen. President Biden, however, might have to make do with the archived workouts.

It might not be the first time this has happened, as according to a report published in The Verge in 2017, Michelle Obama has a modified Peloton with the surveillance equipment removed. Accessing state secrets via the exercise bike is not an option for even the most determined hacker. 

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Peloton bikes can also connect with your smart devices such as your Fitbit or Apple Watch to offer a more complete picture of your workout performance and overall health. However, if you're considering getting a Peloton, it's unlikely you need to worry as much about hackers as the POTUS. 

We're sure Biden's got one of the best treadmill models on the market, but it's unspecified which one he owns. However, unlike the high-intensity spin-class nature of the Peloton exercise bike, the best treadmills are flexible, used both for intense long runs and to get you walking to lose weight while doing mundane tasks like email or watching television. 

It's well-known a sedentary lifestyle is a big contributor to heart problems and muscle wastage, especially in later life, but the rising popularity of treadmills for home use can help mitigate those problems. In Biden's case, he could even use the treadmill to stay active during some of his briefings, without being dialled-in to a Peloton spin class. 

At 78 years, it's good to hear the POTUS still uses free weights such as the best adjustable dumbbells, as it's proven resistance training can combat the effects of ageing. As we get older, our muscles undergo a process known as atrophy, getting weaker and wasting away. Resistance training helps build the muscles back up, slowing the process down and keeping our muscles and bones in healthy condition. 

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