Mental health: "Get therapy" is the most popular new year's resolution in the US

Addressing our mental health is the most popular new year's resolution in 12 US states, beating weight loss and new jobs

Mental health: Therapy
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When people think of new year's resolutions, they usually think of losing a little weight, saving money, or perhaps getting a new job. However, according to Google Trends, many of us are turning inwards for our new year's resolutions, looking to get therapy and better our mental health rather than focus on our bodies. 

Perhaps it's the result of a difficult last year, in which many people were quarantined for an extended period of time (and still are, in some cases). When we're alone with our thoughts, we notice mental health issues rear up more keenly. 

Whatever the reason, the folks at Zippia analysed Google Trends to identify the top new year's resolutions for each US state. It found that "Therapy" was the top choice in 12 states, including New York, Florida and Arizona. 

It was followed by weight loss, which was the most popular resolution in eight states like Ohio and Minnesota, and dating, which is particularly popular in seven states including California and Michigan.

A mental health first aid kit can help when your mood dips

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Four states were looking for a better night's sleep in the new year (they could try the best diffuser for essential oils, which promotes good sleep) and two want a new job in the new year. 

Weight loss is a perennial favourite, and given many people spent lots of 2020 on the sofa in lockdown, it comes as no surprise to see it second place. But as people become more aware of their mental health and the stigma around it fades, seeing therapy as the US' top choice is an encouraging sight. 

We've got lots of mental health resources to help if sorting your mental health is your top goal this year: from the best SAD lamps to keep your spirits up over winter, to looking after the "pillars" of mental well-being, we've got plenty of expert-led advice. 

Good sleep is closely tied to good mental health. We've also got guides on the best sleeping positions, and how weighted blankets could help you get a better night's bedrest. 


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