No access to a gym over Christmas? Try this whole-body zero equipment workout

Use this one lap circuit next time you don't have access to a gym, it will burn fat and help to tone muscle

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Some of us might not have access to our local gym over the festive period as we spend time visiting loved ones meanwhile, others will struggle to find the time to workout. 

Those who built their dream home gym over last year's lockdown are fortunate enough to have unlimited access to top fitness equipment such as a best elliptical machine or a best exercise treadmill

Nonetheless, there is no excuse to skip your workouts over Christmas when you can get a whole body pump in at home using this Kayla Itsines zero equipment workout.

This workout uses simple and easy-to-follow movements and is performed at a relatively high intensity. The routine will help you burn calories while helping to strengthen major muscle groups such as your core and legs.

Itsines has been a qualified personal trainer since 2008. In this time she has built her own online fitness empire with a following of over 13 million on Instagram.

As mentioned above, you won't need any equipment to complete this circuit but it might be worthwhile placing down a mat (something like a best yoga mat) to provide your back with support for some of the floor based exercises.

Itsines writes in her caption that this workout is only one lap but it includes 13 exercises for you to push through. You should try to perform each exercise for 30 seconds and take a 30 second rest after the seventh exercise. 

This is a good time to grab some water, keep yourself hydrated ready for the last half.

If you are feeling up to it then you can take this routine and see how many sets you can handle. Below is a list of all the exercises Itsines uses in this whole body workout.

The workout schedule

  1. Standing X Crunch - 30 secs
  2. Reverse Lunge - 30 secs
  3. Frog Pump - 30 secs
  4. Russian Twist - 30 secs
  5. Plank Rotation - 30 secs
  6. Hover - 30 secs
  7. Flutters - 30 secs
  8. REST - 30 secs
  9. Superman Hold - 30 secs
  10. Bear Crawl - 30 secs
  11. High Knees - 30 secs
  12. Glute Bridge Hold - 30 secs
  13. X Mountain Climber - 30 secs
  14. Ab Bikes - 30 sec
  15. REST - 30 secs

Although this workout doesn't include any weights or isn't to the same intensity of a HIIT workout, it is the ideal routine for raining your heart rate, building up fitness and improving strength.

Keeping up with workouts like this over the festive break can help to maintain fitness levels for any keen gym-goers or will be great for building up the fitness of anyone one looking to get more into exercise in the New Year.

If you want to challenge your at-home workouts why not add a best kettlebell to your next session and get started on some weighted resistance training.

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