No weights? No problem with this eight-move low impact workout

Get a proper sweat on and tone your whole body while being gentle on your joints

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If you want to burn fat and develop muscle strength, resistance training isn't the only way. As long as you are engaging in the right kind of movement, to a suitable intensity, then you should start to see and feel results.  

Most of us are already familiar with some of the best workouts for abs and best glute exercises but perhaps aren't incorporating these into cardio-style workouts. This form of exercise will help you burn fat faster and help to tone and define major muscle groups.

This workout, shared by Kayla Itsines to Instagram, is a great place to start and is low-impact, meaning it's joint-friendly for any older or injury-prone people. There is no jumping involved in this routine, yet it will still raise your heart rate and get you burning calories.

Before starting this eight-move workout you can ensure you have ultimate support beneath you by completing it on one of the best yoga mats from our guide. You will repeat the circuit twice so feeling as comfortable as possible will help keep you remain motivated to finish.


Sometimes, people assume low-impact workouts are a piece of cake and not worth your time. However, this isn't true, they can effectively burn body fat and tone muscle without applying significant force to your joints. 

They are also great for performing combination movements, like in the routine above. Combination movements combine two or more exercises into one rep, so you are able to work multiple muscle groups in one move.

Those who have already tried this workout left feedback in the comments of Itsines' post. One individual said, "The low impact burn is real!", while another stated, "The commandos with push-ups followed by single-arm superman are such a spicy and challenging combination. My arms are on fire with each round."


  1. Standing X Crunch (20 secs)
  2. Side Plank & Hip Lift (40 secs, 20 per side)
  3. Heel Tap (20 secs)
  4. Lateral Lunge & Knee Up (40 secs, 20 per side)
  5. Ab Bike Toe Tap (40 secs)
  6. Single Leg Glute Bridge (40 secs, 20 per side)
  7. Shoulder Tap & Rocking Chair (40 secs)
  8. Plank & Leg Lift (40 secs)

The more you practice versatile workouts like this, the more your fitness will increase and your strength develop. But to keep this up, taking time to let your body rest and recover is essential. Some of the best foam rollers are great for relieving any muscle tensions after a workout. 

Additionally, consuming plenty of protein in your diet will help your muscles to repair and grow.  You can increase your daily protein intake by using one of the best protein powders for women.

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