Real Life Weight Loss: How this woman lost 100lbs sustainably over seven years

Alexa from Texas lost 100lbs safely and sustainably over seven years, to fit in a two-piece bathing suit for the first time ever

Alexa after her dramatic weight loss
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This mother has lost 100lbs to become ‘the best, most sexy version’ of herself. Alexa, a mum-of-one from Texas, has undergone a dramatic weight loss and fitness transformation

"At my heaviest, I was 254lbs," Alexa told our sibling YouTube channel Truly. "But I was probably consuming anywhere between 4000-5000 calories easy, just from snacks. I lost 100lbs over the last seven years to become the best, most sexy version of myself." 

"Ever since I was little, I was always on the bigger side. I was always standing out. I remember my grandpa telling me 'you have a really pretty face, if only you would lose some weight', and it scarred me."

Alexa’s turning point was when she went to an amusement park, and was unable to fit in the seats. Following this, she began exercising and watching what she ate. The video below documents her struggle with weight loss, confidence and her loose skin, culminating in her trying on a two-piece for the first time ever.

Watch Alexa's inspiring story here:

"I started walking thirty minutes a day, alternating between walking and jogging and sometimes incorporating short sprints," said Alexa. This a great method for first-time exercisers who want to get their heart rate up, outlined in our walk-run technique guide. Running for 30 seconds, then walking for 30 seconds operates on similar principles to high-intensity interval training. 

The aim is to gradually reduce the time spent walking over consecutive sessions, so that by the end of the programme, you're running for the entire duration of the workout. If you can't run for long periods and struggle to get your heart rate up for extended periods, the walk-run technique is an excellent stepping stone. 

You just a pair of the best running shoes for men or best running shoes for women to get started. 

As well as exercise, the other part of Alexa's journey was reigning in her excessive calorie consumption. Making healthy food swaps, from oil-drenched roasting or deep-frying foods to using some of the best air fryer or best health grill models, is a good way to get started. Try swapping starchy carbs like bread and potatoes for green vegetables and salads, and high-sugar processed snacks for high-fibre fruit, to make a real difference in your diet. 

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