The one reason you need a self-care pampering day

Self-pampering is scientifically proven to help fight depression. Bubble baths at the ready!

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Everyone deserves a little self-care. Whether you're able to go to a health club for a spa day now the facilities are open, you enjoy a long, relaxing bath, or you just like making time to relax with a good book, pampering yourself is very important . Now, there's more reason than ever to carve out a little pocket of "you time" now and again: self-pampering can act as a buffer against depression. 

A study, conducted by researchers from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, found self-pampering can alleviate psychological burden. The research looked at the differential effect of pampering on depression in a group of different women.

The study found, generally, women who did not use pampering were more depressed than women who used pampering. This was true amongst single women, married women, childless women and mothers. 

The study's authors wrote: "This study highlights the importance of self-pampering as a buffer against depression. Given the rising prevalence of depression today, it is essential to explore the potential of minimal interventions."

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Given today's Wellness Week theme – therapy Thursday – it's a clear marker that being self-indulgent for an afternoon or evening has a combative effect against depression. 

A large study is reporting cases of depression tripling under the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. As more of us stay home, communicating via video call, it can feel isolating and vulnerable. It's more important than ever we engage in self-pampering, no matter our age, gender or responsibilities.

Not sure where to start? Here's a list of ideas you can use to kick-start your well-deserved treat yourself time. 

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