This four-move bodyweight workout helps build a stronger core and tone your abs

Try this short bodyweight routine to trains your abs and strengthen your core using only four exercises

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Bodyweight exercises are a highly effective way to develop strength and practical muscle without going to the gym or requiring any equipment. This ten-minute bodyweight workout targets your rectus abdominis muscles, obliques and lower back only uses four moves.

A lot of gym-goers aren't fussed about completing the best workouts for abs because their core is trained by default when they resistance train. For example, knowing how to deadlift properly with the barbell or performing certain cable machine movements will engage the core.

However, not everybody likes this style of training. The good news is that you can still develop core strength and definition in your midsection without weights. 

This bodyweight routine was shared by Whitney Simmons, who founded her own fitness and wellness app but also shares heaps of free workout content on her Instagram that has over 3 million followers.

Simmonds keeps things super simple with this ab circuit. To complete the full workout you will perform four exercises for 15 reps each and do this for two rounds. She demonstrates each of the moves in her video so look to her if you're unsure if your form is right.

Feel free to place one of the best yoga mats below your body before getting stuck in to ensure your back or butt won't get sore from any harsh contact with the ground.

Watch Whitney Simmons' Four Move Ab and Core Workout

There's no shame in wanting to build yourself a toned and defined-looking stomach. But there are also so many more benefits to reap from building yourself a strong and durable core. Your core is the section of your mid-body responsible for supporting, stabilizing, and balancing your spine. This plays a key role in your daily movement and how easy you will find completing certain activities and tasks.

Simmonds' ab and core workout is a good way to engage these muscles and strengthen your torso. The more strength you build up in this area the easier daily activities like bending over and standing up from a chair will become. Plus, if you are looking to begin lifting weights, abdominal exercises will work in your favor, providing you the strength to bear more weight.

Additionally, research published in the PLoS One journal found that eight weeks of training the core muscles improved static balance, core endurance, and running economy amongst a group of college athletes.

Find a list of Simmonds ab and core-based exercises below.

  1. 15 alternative toe touch crunch
  2. 15 reverse crunches
  3. 15 assisted cycling crunch
  4. 15 swimmer crunches

This workout's a quick and convenient way to train your ab and core muscles. However, if you would like to challenge these muscles more with your training you should consider adding one of the best ab rollers to your routine. 

This is an affordable way piece of home gym equipment that you can use to roll out into a plank position and roll back to an upward stance. It's one for really testing your core strength.

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