Three moves, one set of resistance bands, and a strength training workout to build muscle all over

This short routine requires no weights, just a set of resistance bands to develop strength and grow muscle

Person works out their upper arms with a resistance band
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Each and every one of us can benefit from strength training but the thought of lifting weights isn't everyone's idea of an enjoyable workout. If this is you, don't worry, you can still effectively build and improve your strength without weights. Just set aside fifteen minutes of your day and try this banded full-body circuit.

Some of the best resistance bands are underrated pieces of fitness equipment. Not only are they super lightweight for transporting around with you, but they are a great alternative to free weights like some of the best kettlebells

Similar to how weights work your muscles, resistance bands offer a form of resistance for your muscles to fight against. This workout, shared by renowned celebrity personal trainer Kira Stokes Fit, incorporates a set of resistance bands into three compound exercises.

Compound exercises are moves that work multiple muscle groups at once. So despite the small number of exercises included in Stoke's workout, you are still managing to fit a full-body workout in.

Stoke shared clips of herself performing each move and it's a good idea to watch the trainer before doing trying this workout. The bands will of course add tension to the movements, making them more difficult to complete, so having good form will help with this.

For the last exercise you might want to get yourself one of the best yoga mats from our roundup, since it's performed on your back on the floor, some cushioning will offer comfort and help prevent injury.


This style of workout is really great for improving the quality of your exercise, as the constant tension makes your muscles work hard and improves contraction, which is essential for muscle growth.

Plus, if you do want to add weights to your strength training at some point, this is excellent preparation. If you can master these movements working with the force from a resistance band, then your body will have a good level of control and resilience when you do come to try with weights.


  1. Lateral monster walk / Squat press
  2. Hinge (deadlift) / Row combo
  3. Arm extension / Glute bridge

Even scientists have found in their research that training your muscles with resistance bands is an effective way to improve strength gains, similar to conventional devices (i.e. weight machines and dumbbells).

You can also kill two birds with one stone using this small workout accessory. Maintaining good mobility is essential for aging better and for avoiding injury in other sports. This is where resistance bands come in handy.

Instead of relying on someone else to push you deeper into a stretching movement, one of these bands will assist in extending your reach as well as provide pressure. You might also like to try this 12-minute flexibility routine for improving your mobility.

Whichever form of exercise or stretching you have been engaging with, rolling out your muscles on one of the best foam rollers is a good way to promote muscle recovery. Never underestimate the power of rest when it comes to working out your body.

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