Use this 10-minute standing abs workout to build a stronger core without a sit-up in sight

This short routine boosts your performance, improves your posture, and you don't need any equipment to get started

Man doing a standing abs workout at home
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If you hate sit-ups and crunches, then this is the abs workout for you. The whole routine is performed standing and without any equipment and better yet, it takes just 10 minutes.

You don't need any equipment for this workout, not even a yoga mat as every move is done standing up, so this one is ideal for home workouts. It is also a low impact workout, so if you have sore joints then you don't need to sit it out.

The routine was put together by Juice & Toya, LA-based personal trainers and owners of One Body LA. While it aims to mostly target the abs, your arms and legs will also be challenged as you move through each of the 10 moves.

For this workout you will train for 25 seconds, have a five seconds to rest or switch sides and then another 25 seconds of work. This is a no repeat workout, so you will only do each movement once to keep things interesting. 

It's crucial to get the technique just right to get the most from your abs workouts and save you arching into your lower back. Fortunately, you can follow along with the duo's demonstrations to practice your form as you go. 

Watch Juice & Tonya's 10-minute standing abs workout

Although this routine targets your abs, you may have heard people use abs and core interchangeably. Although both refer to muscles around your midsection, there are some differences

While abs (the exterior muscles responsible for the appearance of a six-pack) make up a portion of your core muscle, working your whole core is vital if you want to get the benefits like improved posture, better balance, and enhanced circulation. 

However, if a visible six-pack is what you're working towards, it's important to remember you can't spot target areas of fat on your body. Instead, you'll want to do routines like a HIIT workout for fat loss to boost your metabolism. 

If you're new to abs workouts like this, you'll likely feel some soreness the next day. This is known as delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and is caused by tiny tears in your muscles fibres that your body needs protein to repair. 

Most foods you eat contain protein, but if you want to stay topped up and boost your recovery, it's worth investing in one of the best protein powders for weight loss. Then you can blend that into a delicious post-workout smoothie to enjoy after exercise.

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