WATCH: The 45-minute resistance band workout to get stronger at home

This resistance band workout will help you lose weight and get strong, thanks to a combo of strength training and HIIT

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Even though many gyms are reopening in the wake of the pandemic, many people still feel uncomfortable working out in a public place with strangers. With a global shift to home workouts, resistance bands have become a must-have fitness accessory.

It's easy to see why: cheap and versatile, a great set of resistance bands is like a home gym in your pocket, capable of replicating almost every resistance training machine in your local gym. 

Expert trainer Emma Goodman-Home recently took over our Instagram account, bringing you a 45-minute resistance band sweat sesh. So grab a set of the best resistance bands to follow along at home to burn fat and build muscle, starting today!

Emma's workout is a total-body blast incorporated high-intensity interval training with resistance band work. For those not in the know, high intensity interval training (or HIIT) is the process of working out at maximum intensity for a short period of time, taking a breather, and going again. 

This is in stark contrast to low-intensity steady-state movements, like jogging, which elevates your heart rates a little for an extended period of time. One study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research found HIIT training burns calories and raises your metabolism in much less time than steady state cardio, allowing you to get more bang for your buck when you've only got limited workout time. 

As well as burning fat, the resistance training element of resistance bands have you getting stronger. This changes your body composition. 

Although muscle technically weighs more than fat, so it may slow down some of your weight loss efforts, a body with more muscle burns calories more easily. This workout will burn fat, helping you get that slim waist you're after, but it will also leave you fitter, stronger and healthier. 

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