I use the Garmin Instinct Solar for literally everything, and now it's $90 cheaper

Rugged fitness watches can be expensive but the Garmin Instinct Solar watch is currently on offer for 26% less thanks to Amazon Prime Day

Fit&Well writer wearing the Garmin Instinct Solar watch
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When I invest in a new fitness watch, I want to rest assured I can track all of my favorite sporting activities, basic training, and health. I need a fitness tracker with trustworthy battery life and a robust design to survive all my adventures, and the Garmin Instinct Solar did this for me without breaking the bank.

I have tested out a lot of the best running watches and something that makes this watch a little different is that it allows me to track the hobbies I enjoy doing outside of running, such as hiking and stand-up paddle boarding. If you also love the outdoors and all the fun sports you can enjoy out in nature then you should consider picking up a Garmin Instinct Solar watch while it is on offer for $259.99 at Amazon right now. Thanks to the Amazon Prime day sales you can nab one of these rugged sports watches with a hefty $90 discount - I kinda wish I'd waited to buy one now instead. 

High-performing sport tracking watches rarely come with a small price tag so this is why I'm putting this down as one of the best Prime Day fitness deals I've seen so far this year. This watch offers all-day health monitoring, it's water-rated to 100 meters (it's even designed to U.S. military standards), and provides ridiculously good battery life through its solar charging capabilities. Plus, the watch has been built with multiple GPS systems to see you through your greatest adventures. Keep reading to check out the deal in full.

Amazon Prime Day Garmin Instinct Solar deal


Garmin Instinct Solar | Was $349.99,  now $259.99 at Amazon
This rugged sportwatch features solar charging making it the perfect expedition companion, plus it can track countless activities as well as your overall health and wellness. Buy one now and save $90 before this great offer ends.

As going abroad is so expensive right now I've tried to still enjoy my favorite holiday activities at home this year. I've been booking in for swims at my local outdoor swimming pool, going for bike rides, and escaping the city for hikes when and where I can. The rich selection of preloaded activities on the Garmin Instinct Solar watch has meant I've been able to track all these sports from my wrist.

It's also helped me tune into my wellness more as it lets me know how my body is using energy through tracking things like my heart rate, sleep, stress, and Pulse Ox. If you're guilty of training too hard or going a hundred miles an hour then this watch will be a healthy reminder to rest and recover.

It's only 5.6 ounces (158.7g), which means I find it nice and lightweight for wearing 24/7 and doesn't disrupt comfortability levels when I wear it to bed. The watch also provides smartwatch notifications so you don't feel totally off-grid even when you're out in the deepest depths of nature.

It comes in an array of fun colors such as Orchid Purple, Flame Red and Sunburst Yellow. However, if you prefer to stick to the more subtle sport tracking watch models then the Garmin Forerunner 45 is on offer at Amazon with 18% off right now. This is a more affordable GPS running watch that still offers decent battery life and provides smart notifications.

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All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place
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All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place

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