The Hydro Flask sales are helping me improve my gut health – Here's how

Grab yourself a premium quality water bottle from the Hydro Flask sale to stay hydrated and healthy at all times

Hydro Flask sale Cyber Monday
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I am so glad the Hydro Flask sale has landed on this year's Cyber Monday. I recently found out I wasn't drinking nearly enough water as I should be so I am investing in a brand new water bottle to change this.

Although Black Friday happened over the weekend the Cyber Monday sales are here with equally great deals. I am buying this Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz. Bottle with Straw Lid on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for $33.71 (opens in new tab) - saving you over $16 off the usual retail price! 

Not in the US/UK? You'll find deals on Hydro Flask in your region below.

I already picked up some excellent bargains in the Cyber Monday workout clothes deals and now I am set on grabbing a best water bottle for the gym whilst the Cyber Monday sale lasts.

I have been trying to stay well-hydrated every day after reading up on how drinking more water can help to improve gut health. I find this much easier to do when water is icy cold and tastes genuinely refreshing, as opposed to a so-so lukewarm plastic bottle. A HydroFlask will save the constant refilling of an ice cube tray since it has double vacuumed walls designed especially to keep water cold for 24 hours! You can even use it for keeping liquid warm, this will come in handy when you are craving a hot coffee on a cold winter's hike.

Check out the deal and what's included below along with other Hydro Flask sale bottles below!

US Hydro Flask Sale: Quick links

US Hydro Flask Sale: Quick links

HydroFlask sale US deals

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz. Bottle with Straw Lid | Was $49.95 | (opens in new tab)Now $33.71 | Saving $16.24 at Dick's Sporting Goods
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This double-walled water bottle is perfect for keeping your water refreshingly cool next time you exercise. The design features a built-in straw for convenience mid-workout. Take your pick from three different colors and get on now for over $16 less than normal! 

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth 24 oz. Bottle | Was $34.95 | Now $26.24 | Saving $8.71 at Dick's Sporting Goods (opens in new tab)

Enjoy the Hydro Flask 'Honeycomb Insulation' with this 24 oz water bottle. Choose from thirteen colors on this excellent $8 saving.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 40 oz. Bottle | Was $49.95 | Now $37.46 | Saving $12.49 at Dick's Sporting Goods (opens in new tab)

Keep your beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours with the TempShield protection provided on Hydro Flask models like this one. Avoid any of those harmful plastic BPAs with this stainless steel bottle. Buy one now to save $12!

Hydro Flask 24 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle with Straw Lid | Was $39.95 | Now $29.96 | Saving $9.99 at Dick's Sporting Goods  (opens in new tab)

This is a lightweight bottle for all occasions. The slim build will fit nicely into any side bottle holding pockets on a backpack or slot nicely in the bottle holder of your favorite gym machines. With an array of colors to pick from you won't want to miss out on saving $9 on this straw lid Hydro Flask bottle.

Hydro Flask Movement Collection 32 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle | Was $49.95 | Now $37.46 | Saving $12.49 at Dick's Sporting Goods (opens in new tab)

Another double wall insulated Hydro Flask model to keep you hydrated throughout the day. The 32 oz capacity will ensure you are able to have plenty of water at your side when working out and the handle at the top sits upright waiting to be transported wherever you need. Get one now for $12.50 less!

Hydro Flask bottles come in all different shapes and sizes while serving the same key benefits. They guarantee to keep your drink cold, they are durable and long-lasting plus they are BPA free! Bisphenol A has been linked to serious health issues so it is recommended to avoid if included in the making of any food or drink storage containers. BPA products also use fewer fossil fuels when being made, meaning you are making a environmentally friendly purchase too.

The Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz. Bottle with Straw Lid is my personal favorite saving in the Hydro Flask Sale but as you can see above, there are plenty of impressive deals to choose from. Cyber Monday will be ending in a matter of hours so do make sure you grab a bargain now while you still can!

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