Want to lose weight? These discounted protein snacks could help you feel full for longer

Eating a high-protein diet can help reduce hunger and is doable for less right now, here's how

Quest Nutrition Lemon Cake Protein Bars
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If you're on a weight loss journey and have done some research around the topic then you've probably seen the mention of protein come up a lot. This is because this ingredient plays a key role in reducing your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Maintaining a high protein diet can help boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and alter various weight-regulating hormones, and is why people benefit from using one of the best protein powders for weight loss

Many powders, protein-rich bars, and shakes are designed to keep your calorie intake low while keeping you full and satisfied in between meal times. We've created a roundup on some of the top protein snacks out there, ones that we think are up there with this year's Prime Day supplement deals.

If you're tied to a busy schedule or try to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen, then stocking up on protein snacks and supplements is a good way to save yourself some time. While you should never use these products as a complete substitute for food they can make a great alternative to unhealthier and less fulfilling snacks that can get in the way of your weight loss targets, due to high fat or sugar content.

And what's better? These snacks are now on sale. We've tried our fair share of protein powders, bars, and snacks and have picked out some deals we think are worth your money below.

Amazon Prime Day protein snack and supplement deals

Quest Nutrition Lemon Cake Protein Bars | Was $29.99, (opens in new tab)

Quest Nutrition Lemon Cake Protein Bars | Was $29.99,  now $20.97 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Any lemon drizzle cake fans out there will love this protein-rich alternative. You can enjoy a sweet treat minus the sugar and gain 20g of protein from one bar. Grab a box of nine bars now with a 30% discount.

, now $20.94 at amazon (opens in new tab)

Atkins PLUS Protein-Packed Shake | was $27.59, now $20.94 at amazon (opens in new tab)
With each serving of this gluten-free shake, you will get 30g of high-quality protein as well as 20 essential vitamins and minerals. You'll have to be quick though if you want to save 24%.

, now $15.49 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Pure Protein Bars | was $19.59, now $15.49 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
One of these Pure Protein bars provides 20g of protein and is perfect for chomping on the go. Low sugar and gluten-free, these are ideal if you're craving something sweet. Grab a box of 12 now and make a 21% saving today!

, now $27.59 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Vega Protein and Greens Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder Shake | was $37.79, now $27.59 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This plant-based protein powder will add a generous 20g of protein to your morning smoothie or post-workout shake. It's low carb, keto-friendly, and has 27% off its usual price right now!

Research (opens in new tab) has shown that a high protein intake can boost metabolism and increase how many calories you burn daily. Protein-rich snacks and supplements like the ones listed in our roundup provide a great way to make a protein-rich diet more feasible, without spending a fortune on food.

Losing weight can be expensive when you factor in the cost of things that can aid this such as a gym membership, or your own home gym equipment. Plus, healthier and more nutrient-rich foods can be pricier than sugary snacks. So the Prime Day discounts across various protein snacks and supplements are a nice way to complement your weight loss journey for less.

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