Water rowing machine price crash! Save $$$ on First Degree Fitness machines at Target

Water deal! The First Degree Fitness water tank rowing machine prices have been slashed at Target

First Degree Fitness water tank rowing machine
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Rowing machines provide one of the best full-body resistance training exercises you can get. Working your back, arms, legs and core, it mimics the sport itself by simulating using your whole body to pull yourself across a body of water. 

For some of the best rowing machines, it's no longer a simulation. The addition of a water tank to the First Degree Fitness line of premium rowing machines allows you to actively work against water pressure while you exercise in the comfort of your own, getting you one step closer to the real thing. 

Right now at Target, you can get a First Degree Fitness Apollo II Reserve with a $130 saving, while it's joined by the First Degree Fitness Viking II which costs $1,249.99, against with a $130 discount. Check out the deals in full below:

First Degree Fitness Apollo II Reserve water rowing machine | was $1,489.99 | now $1,349.99 at Target

First Degree Fitness Apollo II Reserve water rowing machine | was $1,489.99 | now $1,349.99 at Target
Save $140 on this premium water rowing machine. The water tank features a pair of triple-bladed propellers which you power with the force of your rowing: as you get faster and pull harder, the water will accommodate and up the resistance. The frame is constructed with steel and hand-lacquered-ash wood, so you know you're getting quality. 

First Degree Fitness Viking II water rowing machine | was $1,379.99 | now $1,249.99 at Target

First Degree Fitness Viking II water rowing machine | was $1,379.99 | now $1,249.99 at Target
Save $130 on the Apollo's little sibling. The Viking shares the Apollo's steel-and-ash construction, triple-bladed water tank and ergonomic handles help prevent twisting and straining or wrists and forearms. It comes with a multi-functional performance monitor that tracks your workout metrics.

First Degree Fitness Apollo II in studio

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Both models are world-class water tank-powered rowing machines, as quiet as they come and perfect to work out without annoying the neighbours. A durable, quiet, and maintenance-free belt drive works with the water tank to ensure things stay quiet, while both the First Degree Fitness Apollo and Viking machines come on wheels. These not only provide easy transport but also allow for vertical storage, ensuring you can save plenty of space in smaller homes, basements and garages. 

You can keep track of your exercise on both rowing machines thanks to the multi-performance monitor. It will estimate your calories counted, workout time, stroke count, heart rate, watts of power generated and total strokes accumulated. 

The beauty of water rowing machines is, like rowing in real life, it's suitable for all fitness levels. Thanks to the use of real liquid, First Degree Fitness' patented Variable Fluid Resistance, it can deliver all manner of difficulties ranging from feather-light for a gentle, long-haul workout to the frantic Olympic sprint. 

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