Weight Watchers sale: save 60% on plans to get in shape this January

This Weight Watchers sale will help you save over half price on its top-rated weight plans today

Weight watchers sale
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There is a limited-time Weight Watchers sale happening this weekend offering 60% off today! If you have penciled down any weight loss or health and fitness goals for the new year, then this weekend is the perfect time to purchase yourself a helpful and results-driven plan from the Weight Watchers Reimagined sale.

While fitness trackers like the best FitBit are handy for tracking your health and fitness, you might be looking for some additional guidance on things like meal planning, recipes, tracking your food and drink as well as exercise. This is where Weight Watchers can help since it ticks all those boxes. The brand has also been voted the number one “Best Diet for Weight Loss” for twelve years in a row! 

With every weight loss plan there comes a social community so that you never feel like you are alone. Despite the pandemic pressing pause on in-person meetings happening the platform offers virtual meetings instead where you can still talk to fellow people completing the program as well as the weight loss coaches. Weight Watchers want to say thank you by offering this limited 60% off flash sale. Check out the details below:

Weight Watchers Online

Get 60% off select plans at Weight Watchers today!

Today is your last chance to save 60% on both the Weight Watchers 6-month plan and the Weight Watchers 3-month plan.  If you made any new year health or fitness goals then starting a Weight Watchers program now during January will be a great way to get started. Grab one for more than half price off now before the sale ends!

Does Weight Watchers work? 

This is the question everyone will want to know the answer to before buying. Scientific-led studies have put it to the test and it can be confirmed that a Weight Watchers program can help you to achieve your fat loss goals.

One study published in The American Journal of Medicine had researchers split 292 participants looking to lose weight into two groups, one following a Weight Watchers program while the other group was prescribed a self-help condition (meaning they tried to lose fat on their own). The results revealed that those who followed the Weight Watchers program had much better weight loss results.

The study authors concluded, “Use of the WW program yielded significantly greater weight loss than a self-help approach, suggesting it is a viable community-based provider of weight loss treatment, as recommended by the USPSTF (US Preventive Services Task Force).” 

If you are looking for other ways to get into beginning a new fitness regime this year then you can start by taking a look at the best exercises for weight loss to familiarise yourself with the most effective exercise for getting into shape is. Alternatively, you might want to make working out a bit more convenient for yourself by buying a piece of home-gym equipment like one of the best exercise bikes to get a sweat on whenever you like.

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