I tried this short yoga routine and it improved my mood and released muscle tension

Just 15 minutes of movement can make a big difference

Woman on hands and knees on yoga mat stretching her right leg back
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I lift weights and go to the gym on a regular basis, as that's the best way for me to build muscle. However, I've found that slow, gentle movement is more beneficial for my mental health. 

Because of this, I try to do yoga once or twice a week. I go to some in-person classes, but I often opt for a routine that I've found online.

I recently came across this 15-minute, full-body routine from yoga instructor Francine Cipollone, also known as Yoga With Bird. I decided to give it a go during my lunch break, to see if it could relax my mind and body.

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Watch Yoga With Bird's full-body stretch yoga routine

This routine involves holding a number of stretches for a short period of time, rather than flowing through different poses in quick succession. It's similar to yin yoga, which is a quiet, contemplative practice that encourages mindfulness. 

I often don't notice how tense my muscles are until I start stretching and this sequence highlighted some tight areas. It started with a child's pose, which revealed stiffness in my shoulders and back. After a few seconds in the position, I felt my body relax—and after running through the full session, the tension in these areas had completely disappeared. And I felt mentally refreshed, too. 

Woman doing a gate pose with her leg lifted in the air.

(Image credit: Alice Porter)

Benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga are well documented; the practice can help with balance, flexibility and core strength. Regular sessions can even alleviate anxiety and stress. I found this particular session really helped my mood; I felt happier and more relaxed after doing it. 

I'd recommend this routine for anyone who needs to add some movement to their day—try doing it in the morning or after you've finished work. If you're looking for an even simpler practice, try these yoga stretches for beginners or have a go at some chair yoga instead. 

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