I tried Yoga With Adriene's latest routine and it might be my new favorite morning yoga flow

Just 15 minutes of yoga can have a huge impact on the body and mind

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I've done yoga on-and-off for years. It helps me maintain my flexibility and it always boosts my mood when I'm feeling low. 

Like a lot of people, I'm a big fan of Yoga With Adriene. The breezy, beginner-friendly sessions on the YouTube channel fit in well with my routine when I'm working from home. 

When I saw Adriene Mishler had released a new 15-minute morning flow, I decided to try it. I was feeling stressed, achy and stiff, so I was hoping the routine would calm my anxious mind and mobilize my joints. 

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Watch Yoga With Adriene's morning flow

It's a rare kind of person who enjoys jumping out of bed and straight into a cardio workout, and I am not one of them. What I loved about this morning routine was that it started with some breathing exercises and mindful movement, giving me a chance to wake up gently.

This was followed with some soft, slow stretches and mobility work, which helped relieve some of the stiffness in my body. It also got my blood flowing and warmed up my muscles, so I felt better-prepared for the day.

There were some gentle strengthening exercises thrown into the mix too, which definitely engaged my core. I didn't feel these really challenged my body, but it warmed me up to the idea of doing a post-yoga strength session (full-body dumbbell workout, anyone?).

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For me, 15 minutes is the ideal length of time for a morning yoga flow. It's short enough to feel manageable when I first wake up, but long enough to feel like it's sufficiently warmed up my body. 

This short routine from Adriene delivered a triple whammy of mindfulness, mobility and mild strength training. After doing it, I felt calmer and more limber. I also noticed I continued to take deep, even breaths throughout the day, thanks to the session's breathwork. 

It really hit the sweet spot for a morning yoga routine and it's one I'll come back to when I need a boost.

Woman doing front lunge with back leg on the ground.

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