10 moves in 10 minutes to build a stronger core with this standing abs routine

Develop your core, boost your metabolism, and improve your posture with this equipment-free standing abs workout

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You don't need hours at the gym with weights or endless sit-ups to strengthen your midsection. Instead, you can build core strength in as little as 10 minutes without even getting down on the floor. 

While kettlebells can help add some extra resistance to your ab workouts, and ab rollers can challenge every muscle in your core, it is possible to carve out stronger abdominals in a matter of minutes and without weight by your side.  

Just take this 10-minute standing abs HIIT workout from LA-based personal trainers, Juice and Toya. It includes 10 different core strengthening exercises like oblique crunches, woodchops, and toe touches, so you don't spend any time on the ground. 

You'll perform each move for 25 seconds, take a five-second pause/reset period, followed by a further 25 seconds of work, then a 10-second break. Complete this 10-move workout once and then you're done. 

It's a short, effective routine that's also low-impact, so it's a great option if you a have sore joints or downstairs neighbors and want to keep the noise down. You don't need any equipment, but a yoga mat can help provide a grippy surface to move from. 

Watch Juice and Toya's 10-minute standing abs workout

You might be wondering what's the difference between abs vs core training, and it's a valid question. In the fitness world, abs and core are often used interchangeably, but they do refer to different parts of your body. 

Your abs refers to your rectus abdominus, which is more informally known as the six-pack. While your core refers to the central part of your body and is made up of a collection of muscles including your glutes, back, pelvic floor muscles, and, of course, your abs. 

Building a stronger core plays a crucial role in your posture, stability, and balance. All of these help you go about your day and perform everyday movements, like sitting down, walking, and lifting weights. 

Abs muscles are often a talking point when it comes to aesthetic fitness goals. But training your abdominals can also help towards boosting your functional fitness levels. 

If you do intend to hone in on your abs to develop a six-pack, HIIT workouts for fat loss can help to boost your metabolism, while the best protein powders for weight loss can help promote recovery and keep you fuller for longer. 

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