Build a stronger core and develop mental strength with this 20-minute yoga stretching routine

This beginner-friendly yoga session is ideal if you want to boost your mobility and calm your mind when you're right on time

Man taking a yoga class at home
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Yoga can be a wonderful blend of movement and meditation, accessible to all ages and body types. But,fortunately, you don't need to suscribe to an app or take a in-person class to boost your mobility and calm your mind. 

Instead, all you need is a yoga mat, a bit of space, and 20 minutes to get started with this short beginner-friendly routine from the trainer's at Centr, the workout app founded by Hollywood leading man Chris Hemsworth. 

Although the app is renowed for its intense strength classes to build muscle and develop strength, as we found in our Centr review, there are also plenty of guided meditations, stretching sessions, and yoga classes led by expert trainers, like Tahl Rinsky.

This sessions was released to celebrate this year's International Yoga Day, which took place on June 21st. However, it's part of a series of dynamic yoga flow classes, where the aim is to add some movement and mindfulness to your day to get all the benefits of yoga

Watch Centr's 21-minute beginner yoga routine

It's a yoga flow class, which is named that way because you slowly transition between poses rather than stopping one and starting the next. The routine covers some top yoga stretches for beginners, like downward-facing dog, and Warrior 2. 

Throughout the class, Tahl emphasizes the important breathing pattern that should be combined with each pose. Each pose typically lasts between 10 to 15 seconds, with variations offered for more experienced practitioners who with to try something a little more challenging. 

The outcome should be to loosen any tightness in your shoulders, back, and hips by improving mobility and flexibility in each. Plus, as you need to hold the poses, you'll also work muscles across your body. 

This is why people often pit Pilates vs yoga for building core strength, as both practices require balance and stability to get into and hold a stretch. However, if you have sore joints or prefer less-intense routines, all of the poses here are low-impact, so don't place discomforting stress on your joints. 

If you enjoy this session and want to do more, then this eight-move yoga for mobility routine is a good place to start. You don't need any equipment to get started and the session helps boost your flexibility in just 15 minutes. 

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