Mini elliptical machine deal: Save a HUGE $450 at Walmart on this portable workout wonder

Sat at your desk all day? Get some movement in with this mini elliptical machine deal from Walmart

Elliptical machine deal
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Please note, this deal has now ended.

Elliptical machines are among the most popular fitness deals around. These hugely popular machines are a great way to get your cardio in: for some people, running on roads or other hard surfaces is too high-impact, and can damage your knees, ankles and other joints. 

Elliptical machines come in several different shapes and sizes, but right now you can an under-desk elliptical machine for just $153.99, down from a full price of $615. Check out the deal in full below. Want a full-size one at mini-elliptical prices? Check out our Black Friday ellipticals page.

Grab the elliptical machine deal here:

now $153.99 at Walmart

Desk Elliptical – under-desk elliptical machine | was $615 | now $153.99 at Walmart
Save an enormous $460+ on this nifty under-desk machine. A built-in display monitor allows you to control the resistance and set your own workout level, while the smooth, silent action ensures you can pedal in peace. 

Why get this elliptical machine deal?

For those of you looking for a low-impact way to get movement in throughout the day, while stuck at your desk, you could opt for the Desk Elliptical. This convenient under-desk pedal system allows you to adjust the resistance and keep your legs and glutes active, even while stuck at your desk. 

Under-desk machines are great for exercising unobtrusively, and the Desk Elliptical is quiet and low-frequency, allowing you to discreetly pedal away in an office environment. Active workstations have been found in studies to be mood enhancers, as keeping your body active can increase the release of happy hormone serotonin during the day. 

Want a more serious, heavy-duty exercise machine? Check out our full-size best elliptical machines available, which use handles to pump your arms as well as your legs. You can also check out our guide to buying the best rowing machine, another extremely popular piece of fitness kit that's being snapped up as a result of the lockdown fitness boom.

Full-size elliptical machine deals:

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