Want to avoid burnout over winter? Here’s 5 ways you can boost your energy

Things like wintertime blues and jam-packed holiday plans can cause burnout but there are ways to boost your energy levels

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While the festive season is a welcome break for many, others can end up finding it to be an exhausting time. Whether that's because you find it a bit socially draining, or you might find cooking the turkey dinner stressful, or maybe you suffer from winter blues.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is also sometimes referred to as "winter depression" is a type of depression with a seasonal pattern that most commonly occurs over the colder and darker months. Some people who suffer from SAD find they benefit from using a best sunrise alarm clock over winter to mimic the feeling of waking up to sunlight.

In 2019 Boston University reported that approximately 10 million Americans suffer from SAD. In addition to this, the university revealed that women were four times more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder than men.

Regardless of whether or not you suffer from SAD, energy levels can experience a drop over winter. But this doesn't have to define your festive experience.

In fact, there are various things you can implement over the holiday period to ensure that your mind and body feel healthy and energized as we head into the New Year.

Nutritionist Nicki Williams, who specializes in helping women rebalance their hormones to overcome things like fatigue and hormone-related issues, has some top tips for boosting your energy over winter.

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A nutritionist's guides to boosting your energy over winter


Try taking ten deep belly breaths every morning and night to help lower your stress hormones and increase your energy. 

Have the right breakfast

Try to ensure that you start the day off with at least one source of protein in the form of eggs, natural yogurt, oats, nuts or seeds. Having a protein-rich breakfast helps to stabilize your blood sugar between your breakfast and lunchtime, reducing the chance of experiencing a mid-morning slump. 

Williams also says that a protein shake is a speedy and filling alternative if you don't have time to whip up something like scrambled eggs in the morning. Take a look at our list of the best protein powders for women if you are looking to stock up on some protein. 

Eat and cook with coconut oil

Williams says that coconut oil is a "good fat that won't make you fat". It can help to increase our metabolism and provide you with energy. She even says it can be added to smoothies for an extra boost.

Minimise your exposure to toxins

You could consider filtering your water, eating more organic, switching your cleaning and laundry products to natural brands, and getting rid of ‘fake smells’ like scented candles and air fresheners (you could use one of the best diffusers for essential oils instead). 

Eat energy-producing nutrients

Williams highlights the importance of getting your essential vitamins over winter. B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and selenium are all necessary nutrients to produce energy in your body. You can source these in vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans or lentils, fish, and meat. 

Things like iron and B12 can be harder to get so Williams advises getting your iron and B12 levels tested at the doctor as you could benefit from supplementation.

But there are plenty of vitamins and supplements out there that you can take on the daily such as the best vitamins for women over 50.

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