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Weight loss: Have you tried the most popular workout on YouTube yet?

Lucy Wyndham-Read's seven-minute weight loss workout has proved more popular than even Joe Wicks

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Weight loss workouts on YouTube have always been very popular for the same reason Jane Fonda's workout videos were a legitimate phenomenon. It's very encouraging to watch a video of someone performing the exact same routine, so you can see how it's done, and it's often very motivating. 

Lockdown has put YouTube home workouts back in the spotlight. Unable to go to the gym to get active, or partake in our favourite fitness classes, trainers like Joe Wicks and Yoga With Adriene have stepped up to the plate and delivered us some excellent fitness content that we can all follow along with in the comfort of our front rooms. 

However, one fitness trainer has outdone them all. Lucy Wyndham-Read, a British YouTube fitness personality, has racked up an enormous amount of views to become the most popular fitness channel on YouTube in the UK, according to a new study by Ofcom. Across all her videos, the fitness YouTuber has nearly 200 million views, with workouts for all ability levels including arm exercises, walking workouts and her trademark seven-minute cardio series. 

Her most popular workout is a seven day weight loss challenge. The workout, a another cardio burn that takes seven minutes and is designed to be performed each morning of the challenge, has racked up an enormous 75 million views, beating even Joe Wicks to the YouTube fitness crown. 

Interested? Take on Wyndham-Read's impressive workout below.

Wyndham-Reed's popular means she is the first among equals, but there's a whole vista of YouTube fitness content out there for a wide variety of disciplines. If you prefer yoga, building muscle, or more advanced cardio sessions, there is sure to be a workout for you, and we recommend browsing our list of the best YouTube channels out there for your consideration. 

Even the youngsters are well catered for, thanks to Joe Wicks' "PE with Joe" videos released regularly during lockdown. Featuring fun costumes and easy-to-follow exercises, these short workouts are perfect for parents and children to do together.